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Science of YouTube Marketing

The Science of YouTube Marketing, with Greg Smith

Greg Smith thinkific


Greg has been using YouTube to drive traffic, generate leads and make sales since 2006. One of his YouTube channels has only 15 videos and under 1,600 subscribers. No changes have been made to the channel in over 2 years – it runs completely on autopilot – and to be honest the videos are boring! Yet this channel continues to produce a consistent supply of visitors, leads and sales. Typically generating $5,000 in additional sales each month.


My Channel

  • Alpha Score LSAT
  • 15 videos less than a few months work
  • you don’t need 1 millions of views to make money on YouTube

Why You Tube

  • 3 billion monthly searches
  • integrated into Google search
  • video is huge today

Your Goal

  • Drive traffic off of YouTube
  • Use YouTube annotations. Something like “for more resources click here”
    • have at the beginning and end
  • show a link to learn more that directs to your website

Video Content

  • Online video attention span – drops off quickly. You have 5 sec to grab their attention.
  • Show your best stuff upfront at the beginning of the video
  • Give value not a sales pitch build trust first promote later
  • Primary motive is to add value
  • Get people hooked before you make longer videos
  • Start with what you will learn in video
  • 2 – 7 min with Film
  • 90 seconds for animation

Call To Action

  • Ask for
    • comments at the end
    • Visit website for more value
    • Likes
    • Shares
  • If this gaves you value it would mean the world to me if you shared it.

Advanced Ending

  • Show other videos to watch at the end
  • Edit them into the video and turn them into buttons with annotations
  • Add on a little extra time at the end with splash screen

Video Editing Software

The Process

  • People search on YouTube or Google
  • They watch your video
  • Click your link
  • You can’t link to any site. You must prove you own it by putting a code on your webpage. Google needs to verify you own it
  • Convert them to buy or sign up
  • Get their email for free help or value
  • Use a drip  campaign and slowly work them up for purchase
  • use a free bribe to generate leads
  • PDF cheat sheet / something of value
  • More value = more trust
  • Automated follow up campaign

Metrics to Drive

  • views / subscribers

Maximizing views

  • Think like a Search Engine. Use keywords
  • Be specific with your demographic

Check out your competitors

  • What search terms do they use
  • Look at their title and description
  • Do some research and steal their keywords

Primary keywords

  • Keyword generators Yeppi Google Adwords
  • What would your audience be searching for?
  • Use their language. Find out these core terms. Ask them if you have to and look at your competition
  • Words at the beginning of the title are most powerful
  • Primary keywords in all fields

Video title

  • 100 char
  • Most powerful field
  • Be accurate and descriptive
  • #1 reason for dislikes is not delivering what you promised

Video Description

  • 5000 char
  • Can include links.
  • Include other relevant links
  • Include a Short description of the video and keywords
  • Start with a call to action at the top
  • Be Relevant Be accurate
  • Have a keyword list at the bottom

Subtitles/ closed caption/ transcript

  • Adds search engine weight
  • Must match up perfectly with your video. Google checks
  • Say keywords a few times in your script
  • Tags use all 500 characters
  • Use as  many keywords as you can


  • Are people going to be happy to get this?
  • Did you deliver what you promised?
  • Be relevant with your – title, description and tags


  • comments, views, likes, Social shares
  • #1 Goal → views= sales
  • Key Metrics Views
  • Self propagating

Initial views

  • Seed it internally – share it with friends
  • watch it once yourself
  • Share it on all networks, Twitter, facebook, Ask people to share it, email it to everyone you know.
  • 2 call to actions per video
  • Do this early and all at once


  • YouTube values down votes
  • But don’t go for bad votes. If you just have a few don’t let that upset you. It will actually help you with YouTube’s algorithm
  • Google wants to show videos that get a reaction.


  • YouTube Trust, Instant access to your audience for more seed views
  • Comes over time
  • Another thing you can ask for in your call to action once you have a few videos


  • Ask Ask Ask → Ask questions below.
  • Be specific in your ask
  • Tell me about your ideas/problems
  • What do you want to see next
  • What do you think about x

Respond to comments

  • Doubles down on your comments
  • Get VAs to do it if it starts to take up too much of your time.
  • Set up notifications

4 Types of commenters

  1. Opinionated
  2. Complimenter
  3. Question- expect and want a response
  4. Hater – do not get in battles with them

Test & Retest

  • Play around and see what works for you
  • You can’t swap out a video on YouTube so you have to get it right the first time
  • You can add to the old video that takes them to the new version but don’t delete the old video

You can have a summary video that links to all other videos.












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