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Darren Jacklin – Winning The Game Of Business

Darren Jacklin – Winning The Game Of Business

Notes provided by: Tim Forde

Darren Jacklin


Darren Jacklin – Winning The Game Of Business

  1. I invest 20 minutes a day in a personal conversation with myself.
  2. It’s the time that you spend with yourself that you find out what you want.
  3. Daily method of operation makes the difference.
  4. I put a note in my yearly gratitude jar daily. I read it on 1st January. Until you document it you won’t see the progress.
  5. Wouldn’t you want to do business with someone who’s grateful.
  6. Every morning I ask myself what am I grateful for.
  7. I don’t watch the news I make the news.
  8. When you get to the top level in your industry you have no competition.
  9. Entrepreneurs get paid for results.
  10. In business people buy results.
  11. I read 10 pages of a good book a day.
  12. People send their children to the best schools for networking opportunities.
  13. Over an hour a day I study how to raise capital. Dedicate 1 hour a day to studying a subject that will move your life forward.
  14. People major in minor things.
  15. I write my top 20 goals every single morning and every single night. Its non-negotiable.
  16. Thats around 730 times a year. Now its easier for me to choose activities and to say No.
  17. Focus on revenue generating activities.
  18. When the student is ready the teacher appears.
  19. Follow up with people that you meet. Host something that you can invite them to.
  20. I took a job cold-calling because I was scared of it.
  21. I still go knock on doors. I still cold call.
  22. I’ve hidden in CEO’s offices over night because I wanted to meet them so bad.
  23. You’ve got to get attention. There is so much noise. I called a guy 67 times in a row. He eventually got back to me. I told him that I’ll fly and come meet him.
  24. I’ve called companies 4 times a year for 17 years.
  25. Whoever has more certainty wins.
  26. They pay for results.
  27. Constantly reinvent yourself.
  28. Some days I’m totally scared. I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’m always pushing myself to the next level.
  29. I walked into the castle at 1.30 am. I asked myself how can I meet the King and Queen. They are people with challenges like everyone else.
  30. I have a must meet list.
  31. Last year I met 84 of 100 must meet people.
  32. For every question you don’t ask the  answer is No.
  33. I always ask for 10% off or complimentary dessert. What would it take to get complimentary.
  34. You are in the business of Asking!
  35. They say yes OR Decline (don’t have authority) OR Counter offer.
  36. TAPO Time, Agenda, Purpose, Outcome. No agenda don’t meet them.
  37. Start keeping track of your time. Give yourself 15 minutes or 30 minutes.
  38. When you level up people respect you more. Some people will leave your life.
  39. Success is a series of well-managed failures.
  40. As you level up you get a whole new series of problems-family and peers can’t help you.
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