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The Golden Rules of Sales – Sales Expert Brain Tracy

The Golden Rules of Sales - Sales Expert Brain Tracy

The Golden Rules of Sales – Sales Expert Brain Tracy

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Brian’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Thank you, Brian Tracy for allowing me to share your content on my blog. Check out his website here.



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The Golden Rules of Sales – Brian Tracy

Sell to others as you would want to be sold to.

  • Seek to understand the customer before making a recommendation

Improve your sales performance by caring

  • Give you prospects honest information to help them make an intelligent buying decision
  • A top sales professional cares about their customers
  • They don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • Top sales professionals position themselves as a consultant
  • They consider themselves a resource for their clients
  • Top professionals differentiate themselves from their competitors by being more concerned with helping their customers then selling their products or services.
  • Your customers should feel that you care more about them than making a sale

sales success made simple training kit

Relationships Are Everything – Brian Tracy

If you really want to increase your sales and make a lot of money you have to remember this. In sales, relationships are everything. All selling is relationship selling.

When a salesperson goes to see a customer they are naturally suspicious. Customers have made a lot of mistakes buying things that haven’t worked out. They regret buying and there is pain associated with it. When you first meet them they won’t trust you.

Focus on building a high trust relationship. Customers think the relationship is more important than your product or service. Your offer is available somewhere else. They don’t have to buy from you. They can buy it from your competitors or not at all. The only reason they buy from you is because they like you, believe in you and trust you.

When you go into a sales situation, try this instead of jumping right into sales mode right away right away. Take the time to ask a lot of questions.

Get to know and understand them before talking about your product or service.

  • What do they need?
  • What are their problems?
  • What are they concerned about?
  • What are their goals?

Closing the Sale

Sales Training: 3 Keys to Build Customer Loyalty in Relationship Selling

This could change your life in business forever.

  • If you’re a freelancer, coach, consultant, sales professional or business owner there is 1 skill you must master if you’re going to be successful.
  • It has the power to transform your life from just getting by to becoming wealthy.
  • What is this one skill?

The ability to sell EFFECTIVELY 

  • When I say sales, people get the image in their minds of cold calling, pushy closes, and pure dread.
  • The very idea of selling terrifies most people and holds them back from fulfilling their potential.
  • I can understand that.

Those old school forms of selling are OVER

  • Nobody sells like that anymore
  • Today professionals sell completely differently

The New Era of SELLING

  • RELATIONSHIP selling
  • 84% of all sales originate from word of mouth, customer satisfaction, and great customer relationships
  • Most of your new customers should come from your satisfied existing customers
  • You can’t make a living by getting new customers every time
  • You got to get the customers coming back and bringing their friends
  • A referral to a new customer is worth 15X a cold call
  • It’s 10 – 15X easier to sell to an existing satisfied customer than it is to find a brand new one
  • Your commitment and service to your customers can build incredible customer loyalty

3 keys to customer loyalty 

  • RELATIONSHIP selling
  • Partnering for profit
  • CONSULTATIVE selling

These are used by the highest paid people in all levels of business. This is how you can differentiate yourself from others selling the same product or service. You have to be better than your competition to survive in this world today.

Relationship selling is the core of modern selling strategies

  • It’s the key to long term success because relationships are 85% of the battle.
  • Relationship selling requires a clear understanding of the dynamics of the selling process as they’re experienced by your customer
  • They spent millions of dollars asking customers how they felt about sales presentations
  • For the first time in history they found out how customers buy rather than just how sales people sell
  • The relationship is more important than the product or service because they can get it anywhere
  • Customers need something they can hold onto, something they can trust, and that is always the relationship
  • It’s always how they feel about you
  • Relationship comes first and must be established before selling
  • The relationship is they key differentiator between you and your competitors
  • The quality of relationship with your customer is your competitive advantage
  • The quality of trust needs to be so strong that no competitor can get between you

Customer Intimacy

  • When you’re so close to your customer they won’t buy from anyone else
  •  Once you achieve this your success is going to be incredible

Partnering for Profit Approach

  • When you deal with a business person you can be sure of 1 thing.
  • That person thinks night and day about his business, it’s very close to him or her.
  • All they think about is increase sales, profitability, lower costs and higher profits.
  • Ask him questions about his business.
  • Look for ways to help him run his business, better, faster, more economically.
  • The customer is going to warm up to you and want to be associated with you and your company.
  • This is the key way to differentiate yourself and build customer loyalty
  • Always look for ways to help and advise your customer
  • Find ways to cut costs or improve results for them
  • Position yourself as a person who cares about the success of your customer more than anyone else
  • Even more, than you care about selling your product or service
  • When a customer feels you care more about them than making a sale you will develop a bond of loyalty

Consulting Approach

  • Often called consultative selling
  • Position yourself as a consultant or advisor
  • Become their problem solver
  • Instead of trying to sell something to a customer concentrate all your efforts on solving their problems, achieving their goals, or satisfying their needs.

In today’s competitive market customers are very difficult and expensive to require. They deliver a tremendous value to an organization. Customer satisfaction is your biggest and most valuable asset. Your job is to attract, acquire, and keep customers. This will make all the difference between success and failure.

3 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Pause before replying

  • This helps to avoid the chance of interrupting someone.
  • Shows the other person you’re giving careful consideration to their words

Practice Effective Listening

  • People will start to find you fascinating
  • When you listen to other people you make them feel important
  • Listening builds trust
  • The more you listen the more the other person trusts you
  • Work at paying close attention to what other people are saying

Question for clarification

  • Never assume you understand what the other person is saying
  • If you have any doubt at all ask
  • What do you mean by….
  • How do you mean?
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Paraphrase the speaker’s words in your own words
  • What your saying is this ________
  • Proves to them that you are paying attention

468x60 The Psychology of Selling

How to Use Body Language to Increase Sales

Everybody wants to be more effective at influencing other people better.

  • One of the strongest ways you have is to use body language

Body language constitutes 55% of the message you send in a face to face communication

Learn how to use body language in an effective way

  • Smile at people
  • Open your arms instead of folding them
  • When you close your arms it can be misinterpreted
  • Lean slightly forward and nod and smile
  • Stand straight when you talk
  • Look at the person and smile
  • Shake hands firmly
  • Show them that you’re happy to be there and meet them

In psychology, we always pay more attention to the people we value the most

The message you convey in a sales situation is

  • 55% Body Language
  • 38% Tone of Voice
  • 7% Words you use

People forget what you said but will never forget the way you make them feel

First impressions are lasting impressions

  • 95% of a first impression you make on people is the way you dress and groom
  • People do judge you by the way you look
  • Ask them a lot of questions and listen closely to their answers
  • Nod, smile and agree
  • Do that and you will make a good lasting impression on the people you meet

7 Key Result Areas of Sales Success

You can earn twice as much as you are earning today and probably much, much more.  Your success depends on your attitude more than anything else. Improve on these important areas in your sales process to enormously increase your sales. Master these areas to become a much better sales person.

1. Prospecting Power

  • Find more and better-qualified people to sell your product or service to.
  • The best salespeople have the most complete strategies and plans to get the best prospects.
  • The ones that can and will buy from them.

2. Relationship Selling

  • Building high levels of trust, rapport, and credibility with each prospect.
  • A person will not buy from you until he or she is convinced that you are their friend and acting in their best interests.

3. Identify Needs Accurately

  • Ask good questions to learn exactly how and why your product or service is ideal choice for this customer.
  • The most important thing you can do as a sales person is to uncover the true problems and needs of the customer.

4. Making Persuasive Presentations

  • Showing the prospect clearly why they should buy your product or service now.
  • Delivering an effective sales presentation that will increase your sales by several times.
  • Don’t just wing it. Have a well-coordinated presentation.

5. Overcoming objections

  • Dealing effectively with the questions or concerns that are holding the prospect back from buying.
  • In order to increase sales, you must be prepared to hear the word no and continue selling.
  • Objections simply mean the prospect is interested and wants to learn more.

6. Closing the sale

  • Confidently asking the prospect to make a buying decision and take action is really important.

7. Getting resales & referrals

  • From the same prospect or customer
  • Take such good care of your customers that they buy and buy again and get their friends to buy from you as well
  • Maintain a customer for life mentality.
  • Treating your customers like you want to have them forever.

If you improve by 10% per year which is less than 1 % per month in each of these 7 areas your income will double or triple.

Brian Tracy Sales Training

Using the Law of Reciprocity and Other Persuasion Techniques Correctly

Negotiation Tactics

  • One of the most powerful negotiation tactics is called persuasion by reciprocation. This is based on the law of reciprocity. It’s considered by many to be the most powerful law of human nature.

Law of Reciprocity

“If you do something nice for me, I’ll do something nice for you. I feel obligated to reciprocate.”


  • If we go out for lunch together and I say “I’ll pick up the lunch.”
  • You will almost always say “I’ll pay for it next time” and next time you insist on paying for the lunch.

Emotional Reciprocation

  • When you make people feel good.
  • Whenever you say something that makes other people feel better about themselves they have a deep unconscious need to reciprocate.
  • “Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I know how busy you are.”
  • “This is a beautiful company. This is a great opportunity for me to speak here.”

Material Reciprocation

  • They will want to pay you back by reciprocating in some way.
  • We have this deep need to be even.
  • If you do something for me the only way we can get even is for me todo something for you.
  • The reverse is also true. If you do something that hurts me then I feel a deep need to get even as well. Be carful.
    • Help someone load their car.
    • Lend people money.

Look for opportunities to do things for others

  • Bringing something or sharing something that may be of interest to a prospect
  • Book, article, opening the door, grabbing them a cup of coffee
  • Very powerful technique to get people to like you and feel obligated to you

Socratic Method

  • Ask a lot of questions
  • The more questions you ask, the more closely you listen, the more they will like you and are open to being influenced by you.
  • The more questions you ask and the more you appear to be reasonable and see things from their perspective the more reasonable they will be as well.

Disagreements in negotiation

  • “Let’s come back to that later”
  • Put off any part of a negotiation where there is some disagreement or resistance. Let’s put that aside for now and go over the rest of the material.

Agree slowly

  • It’s easy to agree quickly
  • Even if you have no problems with a particular issue always go slowly with the issue
  • The slower you go, the more strength you’ll have latter on when you come to issues that are of greater importance to you.

You can also push the fairness button

  • Use the word fair over and over again
  • “That’s not a fair interpretation”
  • “That wouldn’t be fair to me or someone else”
  • The word fair triggers an emotional feeling to be even. You should back off rather than be unfair
  • Children say “That’s not fair.” Because they know how strong that word is.

Ask for something in return

  • In a negotiation never give something without getting something in return.
  • Even if what you give is of no concern or value to you.
  • Always ask for something in return. If you don’t they will ask things from you without reciprocating at all.

Price and terms are different

  • You can pay almost any price if you can name the terms
  • “I will pay you $1000 for that gold cross pen in your pocket, even though it only worth $150, if I can name the terms.  The terms are every time I pass you on the street in New York  on a Wednesday I will give you $1 until $1000 is covered and no interest”
  • You can agree on a higher price if the terms are more favorable.

The Golden Rules of Sales

Brian Tracy’s 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale

The first step is to find qualified prospects

The telephone is the finest and fastest way to make a sale if used properly

  • Use it to get an appointment
  • Your opening line should grab attention and point to a result or benefit of your product or service
  • Ask the secretary “Who’s the person that make decisions in ______ area”
  • Can I speak to ________
  • Mr prospect this is ________.
  • How would you like to see a method that ________

If you are speaking to the right person the question should aimed at something that is relevant and a need of theirs.

  • What do sales managers think about all day long. Increasing SALES
  • Would you like to see a system that will increase your sales by 20 – 30 % over the next 12 months?
  • Prospect: What is it?
  • Close for on the telephone for an appointment
  • Sell an appointment, not a product.

How much is it? – They don’t even know what it is yet.

  • If it’s not exactly what you’re looking for it doesn’t cost you anything
  • All I need is 10 min of your time and you can judge for yourself.

Can you tell me a little bit about it?

  • Yes I would like to but there is something I have to show you.

Good prospects are hard to get to

  • The best customers you’ll have are the ones you will have to fight to get into see

Outselling Your Competition with Brian Tracy

Most people have great goals but before they start they go on vacation to a beautiful place called Someday Island.

  • Someday I’ll loose some weight
  • Someday I’ll read that book
  • Someday I’ll listen to that program
  • It’s always someday I’ll…

If you want to be a great success there is one rule. Vote yourself off the island for life.

  • If you decided you are going to do something do it.
  • The 1 major difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is
  • Successful people launch, they start, they get on with it right away and just do it.
  • Unsuccessful people always have an excuse for not starting

95% of what you do or don’t do is controlled by your habits

  • Develop the habit of taking action quickly
  • Hear a good idea take action on it right away

Nothing works the first time

  • When you try something new it probably won’t work
  • Nothing works the first few times
  • Try a new idea 5 or 10 times before giving up on it
  • Don’t try things once and quit like most people do
  • This will change your whole life

You can only lose by not taking action

  • If you tried and succeed you do more of it
  • If you tried and failed you learn something, you got smarter, try it again

Where you are on the income graph is where you have decided to be

  • This is the result of the things you’ve done or failed to do
  • Sometimes it’s the things you have failed to do that have cost you the most today
  • Don’t think all your problems are determined by other people
  • The top 10% are always eager to learn more
  • The only way to earn more is to learn more
  •  You need a road map

Knowledge + Skill = Income

  • Use the new techniques you learn over and over again.
  • You will get better at them.
  • It will take you less time to make more and more sales.

Connect with Sales Expert Brain Tracy


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