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The Art & Science Of Money Making Websites: Turn Your Site Into A Cash Machine

Build A $1.5 million Business

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I have been lucky enough to start, run and turnaround a dozen companies. Now in my spare time, I coach a select group of entrepreneurs,­ helping them profit wildly while making a huge difference in the world.

6 Types of Websites that you can make you money – By Dan Lok

You will need different websites depending on what your objective is. The only purpose of a website is to contribute to the profitability of your business. If your website doesn’t do this it sucks. How do you know you are doing the right things? You have to test it. How is the marketplace reacting? Look at your Google analytics. The customer is the marketing genius you can learn a lot from them. Put it up and test it.

1. Authority Site

It’s a site that’s respected, has deep content, that’s useful, relevant and coming from a voice (or voices) that’s respected in their particular market.

Authority sites focus on delivering high quality information to teach, inform, and the best among them entertain while doing it.

  • High traffic site / traffic machine
  • People go back to it again and again
  • Has high Quality info
  • Updates all the time, everyday
  • Authority sites require a lot of man power
  • Examples:

2. Membership Site

Members pay a monthly membership fee to be part of the site, and get access to premium content.

The whole idea behind a membership site is to build a website that serves as an outpost for a community of people who share a common goal or interest.

  • Premium content or community site
  • Service a niche
  • Why do people pay for these sites even though the information is on the internet:
    • Nicely packaged well organized info
    • high quality edited best or cutting edge
    • Virtual Networking
  • Examples

3. Niche Blog Site

A niche site is a website that’s usually built to serve a very specific market niche. If you’re able to build one that ranks, and you get traffic, it can be a nice stream of income.

  • Build one that ranks
  • everyone of us can do this to benefit our business
  • Post 1 – 2x a week
  • Post content that would interest your target audience
  • You co
  • Examples: 

4. Lead Generation Site

It’s a website that brings you qualified and focused traffic that you can convert into new sales or opportunities profitably, month after month.

A lead generation website is designed to encourage a user to opt-in, fill out a form or request more information.

  • Brings  you qualified traffic
  • Capture traffic that is looking for what you offer
  • Encourage viewers to call or opt in
  • Give away free information for an email
  • Add value first
  • They might need service down the road
  • 1 option 1 call to action
  • Examples
      • simple page
      • Through testing Dan found that having just an email and no name in optin box improved his conversation rate to 30%
      • Asks for more information because the goal is to set an appointment
      • name, email, phone, ect

5. Personal Brand Site

Creating a personal site where you consistently demonstrate your competence, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

It’s a great way to grab attention and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

  • Demonstrate your credibility and knowledge
  • What will you find when you google your name?
  • Good things, Bad things?
  • If you are big  you will get some negativity if its 90% Good 10% Bad that Okay
  • You can’t please everybody.
  • Lot of images, more personal
  • Get your full name as a domain name. Own it to protect your name and have content on there.
  • For Service based Business
  • Examples

6. E-Commerce Site

E-Commerce sites are a great way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to expand and build ways to do business online.

  • You want visitors to buy online now
  • sometimes relevant topics to drive traffic
  • These websites are really expensive
  • Examples
      • They say $25,000 and it will be done in 3 months
        In took 1 Year and cost $87,000 plus $49,000  to update it and fix problems

Other information

  • Understanding your Market Place is where all your wealth will come from as an entrepreneur
  • The Asian Market uses wechat & SMS over Facebook
  • You can’t access google and YouTube in Mainlaid, China
  • get 3rd party perspective

The Art & Science Of Money Making Websites with Ali Tavanayan


About me: Mr. eCommerce

  • Ali Tayanayan, Director of TEI Web Solutions
  • Senior Web Development Project Manager
  • B.Sc Software Engineering
  • M.Sc E-Commerce (UK)
  • Running Tavanayan Enterprises Inc. since 2002
  • POS software & Integration specialist

Founder of: 

Contact information

Car Concept

  • You need a good car – A website
  • Need a good driver – Web developer
  • Right Fuel
  • Taxi – You don’t own platform
  • Own car – dedicated server

E-Commerce Platforms

  • It’s just a tool. Do not think 1 tool fits all solutions
  • Most web development companies specialize in 1 platform. They all think theirs are the best.

  • Took 10,000 developers 20 years to create
  • free





3 Simple Rules for an Effective website

  • Clarity In purpose
    • The purpose of the website needs to be clear
    • You have 5 -7 sec before the viewer hits the back button
  • Clarity Design
    • Make it super clear to know what it is about
  • Clarity Navigation


  • A good website kills customer resistance

Clarity in purpose

  • Who are the target market
  • Lead generator page (landing pages)
  • What benefits they will receive
  • Success stories
  • Product features
  • Testimonials

8 Top mistakes people make with their e-commerce websites

1. Having no or poor call to actions

  • Call to action
    • This is the specific action you want your visitors to take
    • They won’t do what you want unless you ask
    • Give us a call, Give me your email address, buy this for $100
    • Call to action needs to be designed for your target audience
  • Use the 80/20 Rule.
    • 20% of your customers give you 80% of your revenue
    • Design your site for these 20% because they give you 80% of your revenue
  • Think about Primary then Secondary target audience then your other audience.
    • Think about the Basket size, wealth, age, gender, and education of your target audience.
    • They should be 2 different audiences that don’t overlap
    • The other audiences should have less focus
    • Example: Toy website
      • Who is going to buy the toy with their credit card?
      • Site should be for them not the kids
    • Have call to actions in the slider
      • 1st slide – For primary audience
      • 2nd slide –  For Secondary audience
      • 3rd slide – For primary audience

2. Having Bad or Low Quality Photos

  • Its very important to have professional photography with no light direction and reflection
  • Needs to be consistent
  • Get a light box for $50 or build a simple on yourself
  • Be creative with composition
  • Show the details so its like they are there in person looking at it

Great Product Photography

  • Lighting
  • Resolution (Quality)
  • Scaling
  • Directions
  • Materials & Details
  • Consistency
  • Image size and file performance

Photos are inexpensive

3. Not being easy for the customer to use

  • Your website needs to be easy for customers to use. Have lots of different option as people have different preferences.
  • Offer Facebook and twitter log-in’s as an option.People dont want another username and password to remember
  • the easier you make your website the more conversion you will get
  • Have multiple ways to navigate
  • Make it as easy as possible for your clients and customers to do business with you online.


  • Why we are here?
  • Where we can go from here?
  • Accessibility to other relevant pages
  • ‘Contact us’ links
  • Search results
  • Not to wide/ deep (max 5~7 items)
  • Global vs. Local navigation
  • Wording

Global Navigation

  • menu that is on every page
  • Have 5 – 7 items in this navigation. Max is usually 7

Local Navigation 

  • Navigation for specific page

Minimum of 7 ways to find the information

  1. Navigation
  2. Search
  3. By Brand
  4. By type/ style
  5. Best sellers
  6. Special offers
  7. New products
  8. Breadcrumb

4. Not having Google Analytics setup or not understanding what the numbers mean.

  • You need to understand your numbers
  • It takes 2 min to set up
  • you want to have a balance of 50%  new visitors and 50% returning visitors
  • What is your Average traffic per day
  • Look at your bounce rate. You don’t want this to be high
  • Look at your industry standards to know what are good statistics for your business
  • A 0.01% conversion rate is good for an eCommerce site
  • Know the difference between Sessions and users

5. Not having Social Proof

  •  Do not underestimate the power of social proof

Social proof / publicity types

  • Traffic is the asset
  • Google rank / SEO
  • Proof in number of visitors
  • Proof in number of members
  • Social followers
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Expert mentions
  • Testimonials
  • Likes

6. Not having the right Marketing Strategy

  • white page – valuable information / offer in exchange for an email
  • up sell related products
  • Think about how you can sell them more. It’s 1/7th the effort to sell to existing customers then it is to sell to someone new


  • Upsell related products
  • Recommended products
  • News letters
  • Promotions
  • Special offers
  • Packages
  • Gift cards

Landing pages

  • White pages
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Facebook ad
  • Social media
  • A/B testing

E-commerce process, business concept

7. Not Updating and improving your website

  • You have to maintain your website just like you would maintain a car.
  • Do AB Testing to test out changes
  • Rely on your numbers they never lie. Make sure to test the options at the same time. Not different months.

Updates → Audit yourself

  • Site speed
  • Site updates
  • Too many slides
  • Target audience
  • New content
  • Update products
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • User experience (UX)
  • Product details

8. Not using web Standards

  • Use standards so people know what things do on your website


  • Category listing
  • Product listing
  • Product details view
  • Terms and conditions
  • Search results
  • Credibility logos (BBB, PayPal, SSL, etc.)
  • Balance
    • Register vs. unregister
    • # slides
    • Logo size

Data Entry

  • Labour costs
  • Duplicate efforts
  • Humans make mistakes
  • Delays on synchronization

The solution is 360 degree full integration

Integration between inventory management and website takes out data entry/ human mistakes.

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • APIs
  • Custom fields
  • Loyalty system
  • Gift Cards
  • Service providers
  • Vendors
  • Alliances

Product pricing

  • Under pricing vs. Over pricing
  • Cost-base vs value-base
  • Cost + valu base
  • Set prince
    • Monitor
    • Feedback
    • Competition
  • Raise vs. reduce pricing

Your road map to build a website

  1. Design your marketing system
  2. Choose your online strategies
  3. Design your website blueprint
  4. Hire technical professionals
  5. Review your website usability
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