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Steps To Take Control Of Your Life Now! – Tony Robbins

Steps To Take Control Of Your Life Now! – Tony Robbins


If you want to be successful in life never leave sight of setting a goal without doing something that commits you to fulfillment. The best time to commit yourself to something  is when you are in state so you can make sure you TAKE ACTION and follow through. Call someone up, schedule a meeting, sign up for the class, set up a meeting with your mentor, create a mastermind group with the people you’ve met. Do something that will pull you towards your goal right away.

RPM is a system of thinking that uses the power of language to change where you end up in life. Rpm is also a visual chunking system that pushes productivity through the roof and reduce your stress levels. It’s a focus tool that allows you to see what is most important in order to get to your desired outcome. Most people major in minor things. Without this system you will act like most of us out there and react to your environment. All the stress, concern, fear, interruptions, and other people’s demands will stop you from reaching your goal. This is a very valuable tool that is needed to reach true fulfillment and success.


Step 1: Is to capture everything in your mind and all the things you think you need to do.

Write down anything that comes into your mind. All your ideas and tasks from business ideas to laundry. Think of a good place to write them down. Make sure you keep them all in one place so you can go back and review it consistently. It has to be in one place. Sort things into categories and roles. Writing everything down keeps more mental ram available. When you keep thinking about stuff you have to do it creates inner stress. If you know it’s there and you are going to look at it consistently, review it and do something with it, you will be able to let go.

Do you have more things on your to do list than you have time? I’m guessing you probably do. RPM is a different mindset. The first step is just capturing it. The capture list is to stimulate high level thinking. Before you do anything think about what you are really after. You want to get very strategic about how to get THAT! The rest may not matter. But you still need to capture it to get it out of your head.


Step 2: Build a plan so you can make sense of all this crap.

Look at your capture list and create a plan. Figure out what you really want, then work backwards to find out what is really most important. What do you really want to accomplish? What outcomes are you after? Think about your desired outcomes and put those tasks below that outcome. Put all the action items these categories. Chances are 80 action items will turn into about 4 or 5 desired outcomes. For example something you want for my house, kids, business, for you, ect.

What is my outcome for this week or today?

What is the result or outcome i’m really after?

Use this to take yourself to a higher vision for your life. This will help you stop the reaction game, where you react to things that seem urgent in you life but are  not really that important. Only once you know your desired outcome can you efficiently start working towards it

Know Your Why:

Write down why you want to do these things. This is important because it dives motivation. Make it powerful. Why is this important to  you? What about this is exciting for you? Have 2 levels of WHY. Why for you and a why for the team and before you start any meeting know the outcomes.

“Don’t just create lists. Have purpose driven outcomes that have prioritized lists built within them. Activity without purpose is a drain to your life, lifestyle and wealth.” – Tony Robbins

Language shapes your emotion. Change your language from “What I have to do” to “What do I want to accomplish”. This will change the way you feel about your life. A “I have to do” doesn’t feel so good. Better thinking creates better results.


Create a plan with these 3 Questions & Actions

Know its okay to ask “what do I need to do?” What you do in what order depends on your desired outcome. Order action items by importance. What is the 20% of your tasks that get you 80% of the way to your outcome. Do what makes the biggest difference first. What are your MUST DO items

3 Questions

  • What’s my outcome?
  • What’s the purpose / the Why?
  • What’s my massive action plan?

3 Actions

  • Star the things that are MUSTS
  • Establish the real time it takes. Use a min & max range like 30-40 minutes Layout how long it will take you.
  • Use Leverage


Leverage Is Critical

How do I get so much done? The secret is I don’t just get it done. I know the outcome and the purpose and I look for leverage  whenever possible. Leverage is different than delegation. Delegation is telling someone else to do it and when they don’t do it right you are pissed off.

“Leverage is ultimate power.”  – Tony Robbins

Leverage says I can move the biggest bolder in the world with a little bit of effort if I can get someone to move it WITH. You are still part of it. If you are going to leverage something make sure the person who assists you knows the desired outcome, the purpose and the why, and the actions. If they know a better way of doing it that’s great as long as them help you reach the outcome. Make sure you check-in before it is needed so there is no surprises. Tell them if they have any problems to get back to you right away because we are partners on this.

If there is anything you hate to do it is either because you are ineffective at it or you don’t feel it’s important. You need to hire people to do those things. Idealy someone who loves that job.



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