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Science of YouTube Marketing

The Science of YouTube Marketing, with Greg Smith Greg Smith Website YouTube Twitter Facebook Page Linked-in   Greg has been using YouTube to drive traffic, generate leads and make sales since 2006. One of his YouTube channels has only 15 videos and under 1,600 subscribers. No changes have been made to the channel in over […]

10 Tactful Ways to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile As A Marketing Tool

10 Tactful Ways to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile As A Marketing Tool – Matt Astifan Matt Astifan Website Youtube Meetup Group Linked In Facebook Page Social Media Director Program Internet Masterminds TV INTRODUCTION Matt Astifan is the Founder of Web Friendly and is also a Facebook Marketing Expert, Social Media Speaker, and Director of Internet […]

Life Cycle Marketing Secrets Of Infusionsoft

Life Cycle Marketing Infusionsoft Secrets – Kyle Robinson Kyle Robinson – Infusionsoft Expert Website Youtube Linked In Meetup Group INTRODUCTION Discover how the leading top online marketing expert’s are tapping into $10,000 of extra sales that is left on the table with their prospects and existing customers. Their secret is applying simple but effective lifecycle […]