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How To Turn Words Into Cash – The Magic Of Copywriting With Dan Lok

Most business owners don’t realize it … but the words you’re using in your marketing act as the gatekeepers to how much money flows in. Use the wrong words in your marketing and it seems like sales and leads come in spurts or at best at a trickle … and you’re constantly in a state […]

Jairek Robbins -The Fundamentals to RAISING YOUR STANDARDS! SociaLIGHT Notes

SociaLIGHT Notes – Jairek Robbins SociaLIGHT Conference The Ultimate Leadership and Entrepreneurship Event Triple Bottom Line Leadership “People, Planet, Profit.” Design Business as a force for good #SLT15 #SociaLIGHTMovement #VSW15 Notes & Resources Dan Lok: 7 Steps to a 7 Figure Business SociaLIGHT Resources If you want to get updates on future notes & resources sign-up […]