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What It Takes To Rank 1st place on Google For Absolutely ANY Keyword, with Rob Green

We’re going to reverse engineer what it takes to Rank 1st place on Google today. The big thing with SEO is keeping up on it. It changes all the time. Don’t worry about how long someone has been doing SEO.

What do you think ranks on google today?

  • Having Keywords on the page
  • Videos on google +
  • Onsite SEO
  • High quality backlinks


Rank 1st place on Google

Rank 1st place on Google


 Can you use this to rank a site In 2014?

Can private blog networks rank a site?

  • Yes
  • They work ridiculously well
  • You buy domains and you set them up around the site you are trying to rank then link to your site. You should have full control over them. Post content on these sites and link to the page you are trying to rank.
  • Private blog networks are a network of websites used to purposely inflate the authority on your site

Can No follow links rank a site?

  • No follow links are code you add to a link to stop google from passing page rank to that page
  • Yes
  • I’ve ranked a site purely with no follow links
  • Links in a tweet do not pass page rank because twitter wants to keep its authority but you can still rank sites with no follow links. Even though you are not passing any page rank or authority.
  • <a href=”index.php” rel=”nofollow”>sign in</a>

Can social signals ranks a site?

  • Yes but you wont rank a site with a bunch of likes on a personal page
  • You can rank a site purely with Social book marks, Shares and Tweets
  • You can not increase page rank with social signals but you can still rank a site with just social signals

Can Automated links rank a site?

  • (GSA, SEnuke, ect)
  • Yes but I wouldn’t recommend it because if you don’t know what you are doing you can get negative SEO
  • Passes page rank 60% of the time

Can you rank a site purely with internal links?

  • Yes
  • You can build authority on a site just with site content and internal links
  • pass page rank

Can paid links rank a site?

  • Guest posts, banners, ect
  • Yes
  • They technically pass page rank but are not supposed to according to google

How to rank a site today?

  • You can rank a site with using any of the above methods.
  • Your site is going to rank for its brand name unless you have a really bad penalty

Page Rank

Page rank is often referred to as link juice. If another page links to your webpage, (unless its a no follow link), it passes some of it’s authority from one page to another. Every page is essentially a bucket. Every link on that page that goes to another is like a hole in that bucket. Your goal with SEO is to have as much link juice in that bucket as possible for the page you are trying to rank for. Have that bucket as full as possible. So if you have lots of links going out of that page and barley any linking to it, Its going to be really hard to rank that page. Page rank is googles metric for authority. Its all about how much authority pools on that page.

But does page rank effectively determine or predict how well a site can rank even if all the above things still can rank a page?

  • A high page rank site will outrank a site with a low one but page rank is a complete distraction
  • Don’t pay attention to it because it does not predict anything. This is what used to rank sites before they added a bunch of filters and changes to their algorithm.

What metrics should we pay attention to?

  • #1 metric to use: Moz’s index indexes the web to figure out how googles algorithms works so it can give that information to marketers. They update their algorithm as soon as google updates their algorithm.
  • Page Authority – Authority of a page
  • Domain Authority – Authority of the entire domain. Best prediction of how high a site should rank in the search engine. 1-100 metric. That includes social signals and all the other things that can rank a site.
  • Does not always filter out spammy links to a site
  • Stop thinking about page rank and think about moz’s metrics.
  • Use this metric to compare yourself to your competition.
  • It’s on a logarithmic scale so its easily to go from 0-10 than it is to go from 10-20. It gets harder and harder the higher you get.
  • is only 99 they have a really long way to go to get to 100

Other tools and metrics you should use

  • Majestic SEO
    • Citation flow – How much power is pointing to that page. Overall link power
    • Trust flow – How trust worthy those links are
      • Try’s to account for spammy links
      • Links from untrustworthy sites
      • Use this to double check the domain authority you see is valid
      • If there is more citation flow then trust flow then you are getting into some un trust worthy links
      • So its about how close that ratio is
      • Automated link building can get you lots of spammy links

What types of sites are ranking with search results right now?

  •  The page on the site with the highest Domain Authority will rank #1 in most cases
  • On most search teams this is what you will see
  • Only time that this is different is when 2 sites have decently similar domain authority and one has its whole site more relevant than the other.
  • The only way you are going to beat a high domain authority website like Amazon is having 1 site that every page on it is reliant for what you are trying to rank for.
  • If you are up against some really big players make your site lazer focused on that theme.
  • If you have a jewelry site make it only about jewelry or if you want to make it even more targeted only engagement rings.
  • So that’s why google has a mixture of big brands and niche ultra relevant retailers
  • Page authority comes into play when 2 sites have similar domain authority. The most links to that page. otherwise page authority hardly comes into play.
  • This is the biggest shift since that last update. It used to be very page specific. But now its all about domain authority.

Other things that can help you rank.

  • Better optimized page can make a difference
  • 1500 words on a page ranks better than 500
  • Better website architecture. Grouping content that is reliant. Create lazer focused sections. These are called silos. Grouping of pages into categories.
  • Better or more relevant back links
  • Good back links come from a site with high domain authority. From a page where the content is relevant.
  • We do not want links that are both low authority and not relevant
  • Shoot for getting links on reliant websites or very high authority websites.
  • Quality sites don’t link to crappy ones very often
  • Increase you domain authority or lazer focus your back links to the theme you are trying to rank for
  • If your site is all images and no content before the fold you will be penalized

What about social Signals?

  • Shares tweets and bookmarks
  • Do not pass page authority but do increase domain and page authority
  • Most social sites have massive domain authority
  • Facebook, Twitter, you tube, ect
  • Passes lots of trust and authority
  • Social signals are considered positive quality indicators within google panda’s algorithm
  • Social signals can help negative SEO not affect you as much
  • Likes and shares on private personal facebook pages or non public links will not effect rankings at all. If its not indexed by google it wont do anything for you.

Private Blog Networks (PBN)

  • Sites that you have set up and completely control that purposely link to your site
  • Traditionally built from domains that expire and have been purchased off sites like go daddy auctions that have a large domain authority.
  • You get all the back links that are already pointed to it.
  • They pass domain authority and trust flow
  • Make it super niche reliant
  • Most SEO experts have been using this to rank sites for years
  • Don’t have your whois info the same as your site on this domain
  • Do not use the sane google analytics code
  • If you don’t leave a foot print google wont know you own the site
  • If you do it right it will work
  • Make it impossible to tell that it is not just another 3rd party site linking to you
  • Do not interlink these sites
  • Interlinking is an easy to see foot print
  • Don’t have have every single PBN linking to all your clients sites
  • Make it look as random and as real as possible
  • Each site should be relevant to your site

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