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Optimizing Your eCommerce Marketing Campaigns With Landing pages

Unbounce – The DIY Landing Page Platform for Marketers

Most eCommerce companies are still making the mistake of sending campaign traffic to their blog, pricing or product pages. You may know what a landing page is, but learn how you can use them to improve the success of your marketing initiatives to drive more sales and conversions.

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Business Development Manager

Sarah McCredie


UnBounce Optimizing Your eCommerce Marketing Campaigns With Landing pages

So what’s the difference between a landing page and a website?

Landing page

Good for targeted campaigns and user experience

Easy to testEasy to digest


40 CTA

Tons of options and then even more options to distract customers

Not good for ads because the user doesn’t know what to do

What is Unbounce?

  • Drag & drop do it yourself landing page builder for Marketers 
  • You can add scripts or code if you are a developer but it’s not needed

5 Core Elements of a Landing Page

  • Hero Shot – A photo that visually tells a story about what you do
  • USP – Unique Selling Proposition
  • Benefits & Features
  • Social proof (super important)
  • Copy

Tips For Increasing Conversions

One conversion goal and call to action per landing page

  • Guides the viewer through a good campaign experience
  • Bad experience sends customers away because they don’t know what to do
  • Have a separate landing page for every goal and customer profile
  • Only use elements that help lead the customer towards that goal

Consider full campaign experience

  • Same tone throughout your campaign = Better experience


  • Work on making the best headline
  • Use Dynamic Text Replacement that subs in keywords the customer used to search for you
  • Communicates your story

Use your customer’s language

  • What problems are your customers saying your product or service solves for them?
  • Get this information by talking to your customers, social media, reviews and meeting them at events. Just ask them

Get them to sign up for a gift

  • Like a 20 page ebook
  • With a CTA to sign up at the end


  • Have a box around the form. More people notice it
  • Never say submit
  • Always use some other copy. Converts better

How many number of fields should I use?

  • There is no silver bullet
  • Every business is different
  • Every customer profile is unique

4 corners to better conversion

  • Copy
  • Interaction
  • Design
  • Psychology

People have Low Attention Ratios

  • Cut out all of options
  • People will get distracted and not sign up


  • Playing with a landing page is a great way to learn what works for your business
  • Test everything
  • Don’t be afraid to make big changes
  • You need a 1000 conversions to be highly accurate

Mobile is important

  • People often start on mobile then move to the computer to buy.
  • Have a Nice clean landing page for mobile
  • Add lots of whitespace
  • Keep your copy short

Hot Jar

  • Great tool that is cheap right now because its new
  • Includes heat mapping and lots of other tools
  • Similar to Crazy Egg

Unbounce Landing pages are great for:

Testing out International Markets

  • Test things out with a landing page before reworking your entire website
  • Want to do business in Germany? Just build one Landing Page that is in German

Social Contests

  • Get people excited
  • Tweet your campaign to win a trip to somewhere

Customer Loyalty Programs

Seasonal Campaigns

  • Don’t change your home page every season
  • Just use a landing page

New product launches

Email newsletter signup

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