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Use LinkedIn To Generate More Business

Use LinkedIn To Generate More Business

Melonie Dodaro – Top dog Social Media

Author the LinkedIn code

Melonie Dodaro, is an international social media speaker, consultant and trainer who has been dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert & Social Media Strategist. Melonie’s passion is in helping businesses cut through the noise on social media and get amazing results with marketing their business online.


LinkedIn is the worlds #1 Business Social Media Network

  • 9 million people in Canada
  • Avg Household income on linked-In $109,000
  • People are 2X more confident with the information they get on linked-In than any other social network
  • Its 277% more effective for lead generation when done right.
  • So are you ready to use LinkedIn to generate more business?

Are you making the right impression?

  1.      Get found – Be found for what you offer
  2.      Attract your ideal client
  3.      Stand out – social media is noisy
    • 99% of people are doing it wrong so this is easy

Step 1: Optimize Your Profile

  • Have 2 – 3 specific keywords that have a high density throughout your profile
  • What keywords would people use to find you?
  • In your  headline  –  Holds weight in linked-In’s Algorithm
  • In the title of current experience
  • In the title of past experience
  • In your skills
  • Use your location name if you’re a local only business

EXAMPLE: Kelowna accountant & business advisor helping businesses, Start-ups & Real Estate Investors experience growth and profits

Expert Tip: Don’t use owner or CEO as your title. Use words your clients search for like animator, designer, web developer, ect

Who’s Viewed Your Profile?

  • Once you’ve optimized your profile your numbers should exponentially increase
  • Track your profile views to see the difference

Step 2: Attract & Engage Your Idea Clients

  • Summary – client focused written well
  • Write in 1st person
  • Speak to your target market
  • Share how you can help them solve their problems. Make it about them not you.
  • Use a call to action. If you looking for XYZ  Email me here or Download this Free Report

Get them on the phone

  • Get people on the phone as quickly as you can for big ticket items
  • You can’t sell people expensive items without phone call. Email only goes so far.
  • Get them into a Funnel so you stay top of mind. Give value.

Look at your best clients

  • What similar qualities do they have?
  • What do they want? What problems do they have?
  • Speak to them and use their language

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

  • Professionally done profile pic
  • Video – No more than 2

Skills and Endorsements

  • 99++ Endorsements on your main skills and keywords
  • Profiles with social proof show up higher in linked-in search
  • Get many recommendations

Linked-in Principles

  • Listen to the language your target market uses
  • Invest time consistently into linked in to see results
  • Express needs of ideal clients
  • Keywords throughout profile
  • Visual enhance your profile with videos and pictures
  • Develop a lead magnet
  • Initiate new relationships by personalizing message
  • Nurture relationships on LinkedIn
  • Create messages that provide value
  • Connect and build your network
  • Develop strategic partners with people that have a similar target audience
  • The larger your network the easier it can be to find other people
  • But don’t become a lion (1000+ Contacts). You want quality contacts.
  • Move relationships offline to convert prospects into a client

How much time should I allocate to Linked-In

  • Need a little business  –  10min a day
  • Need some business –  30min a day
  • Need lots of business –  60min a day
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