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Your ultimate resource for success!

Internet Mastermind Award – Real-World Marketing Strategies That Work!

The first Internet Mastermind Award (IMA) is happening  at the Internet Masterminds Meetup! Speakers will have a total of 15 minutes to present their strategy. You can expect to see real-world examples of Internet marketing with results in things like getting traffic, making X amount of dollars, growing/expanding an audience, or increasing conversions. Here’s who has been selected to present… 

“How I Helped My Client Create, Publish and Promote An Online Magazine To Over 12,000 Followers, with Kieron Sweeney”

“5 Simple E-Commerce Splits Tests That Generated Over $100,000 For My Clients, Ali Tavanayan”

“How I Improved My Landing Page Conversion Rate by 350% in 6 Weeks, Natalie Grunberg”

“The Journey From Dead End Job To Managing A Multi-Million Dollar Online Company In Less Than 6 Months, with Deon D’Silva”

“How We Got 40 Industry Experts To Write and Promote Our eBook, with Sid Bharath”

“You’re Doing Retargeting All Wrong – Now Do it Right, with Jordan Gutierrez”

“Presenting Tips and tricks – Advice from the panel judges”


Internet Mastermind Award - Real-World Marketing Strategies That Work!


Creative Inventory is a Video Production Company based in Vancouver Canada. We specialize in translating your message into film, animation,  & design.

We take complex ideas and make them simple with 60-90 second animated explainer videos. They help increase conversion rates for online companies by providing entertaining educational marketing.Check out our portfolio.

How I Helped My Client Create, Publish and Promote An Online Magazine To Over 12,000 Followers, with Kieron Sweeney

Kieron Sweeney Kieron Sweeney CEO MagCreators Inc.
In the age of digital, anyone can Publish quickly and efficiently. Entrepreneurs need to Publish as part of content marketing but also to elevate their level of authority in their niche. This presentation profiles a digital magazine Publisher who created 12,000 followers in one year and has become a recognized authority in the recreational triathlon world, simply by publishing an informative monthly magazine called, Age Group Triathlete.

Today with a CLICK OR A TAP We can go online and share our passion. Instantly find other people who share the same values, ideas, concerns, & interests that we do. Digital Magazines are Interactive and can be published in the Apple or Google Store

Interactive Digital Magazines are the NEXT Marketing Medium to attract and engage customers. The emerging space of digital magazines on the internet is just in its infancy. In 2015, over 2.5 billion people will have access to the Internet on their smart phones. 4.4 billion by the end of 2017. By 2016, US mobile commerce retail sales will account for 24% of total e-commerce sales $87 billion!!

8 Steps to a Successful Digital Magazine

  1. Get Clear on your Niche. Find your micro niche
  2. Gather Content – use your own or other people’s content.
  3. Layout & Design – Hire Graphic Designer
  4. Upload to Platform
  5. Insert Videos and Links
  6. Submit – We build your App
  7. Publish in App Store
  8. Profit

A Digital Magazine provides the ability to:

  • Become a key person of influence
  • Establish your brand, Credibility, Authority
  • Get new clients
  • Helps build a list
  • Drive traffic to your website

How many subscribers do related magazines have?

  • Most Magazine Subscribers subscribe to multiple magazines in a category.


  • Use Online, Forums, Groups, Communities


  • Re-purpose your own or Other Peoples Content
  • Add audio & video
  • Repurpose other people’s content – republish other people’s work with their permission
  • Repurpose your blog
  • Don’t make a fluffy book or magazine with nothing it it.

Layout & Design

  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Magazine Templates
  • Easy to layout
  • Easy to Publish


  • 14 Issues
  • 5,000 opt-ins
  • 900 subscribers
  • 6,000 visited website
  • 4,000 Facebook Page Likes

5 Simple E-Commerce Splits Tests That Generated Over $100,000 For My Clients, Ali Tavanayan

Ali Tavanayan Ali Tavanayan is a E-Commerce Conversion Optimization specialist that has built over 100 successful E-Commerce websites including UBC, Salvation Army, Circle Craft, and Grandvile Island Work Association. The reason people work with Ali is because he doesn’t only build their website he also optimizes it for conversions by running simple split tests to improve profits. Ali will outline 5 Case Studies that have generated over $100,000 in additional revenue for his clients.Check out Ali’s Longer presentationThe Art & Science Of Money Making Websites: Turn Your Site Into A Cash Machine

Easy to fix obstacles hurting your Conversion Rate

  • Bring up your USP Everywhere
  • With Good Quality images your product sells itself
  • Don’t ask them to buy before you educate or inform them about the product
  • Think from the customers view point not the owners
  • Have proper error handling
  • Time limit discounts
  • Once they want to buy don’t distract them with more options other than upsells
  • Easy to Find Search
  • Have 7 Different Ways for customers to find What they Want
  • Promote Value proposition everywhere
  • Everyone on your team should be better than you.

Don’t confuse people. Make it simple

  • “1 button SIMPLE
  • “Buy now”, “Add to cart” button stand out

Lessons We’ve Learned

  1. Car, Driver, and Gas concept.
  2. Promote your value proposition everywhere
  3. Surround ourselves with experts
  4. Customers like shopping with filters
    1. narrow down to what “I” want to see
  5. High-quality Photos

Blunders:  How to fix conversion rate killing blunders

  • Not going straight to checkout when checkout button clicked
  • No call to action under product thumbnails prompting shoppers to learn more before adding to cart
  • Having more than 2 steps in the checkout process
  • Not confirming “free shipping” throughout your checkout to qualifying shoppers
  • Not surfacing product’s rating on product listing pages
  • Displaying left-hand navigation on product pages
  • Clear error messages on checkout pages

Quick Tips:

  • Don’t give up before you start.
  • Think bottom-up not top-down
  • May you need a year to running conversion test!
  • Our lead conversion analyst had a different idea!
  • Tag every single element in the site and track shoppers interest
  • Compare desktop vs. mobile on those elements

AB Testing

  • Test it. Test it. Test it
  • Measure it

How I Improved My Landing Page Conversion Rate by 350% in 6 Weeks, Natalie Grunberg

Natalie Grunberg PANTY BY POST

Her talk will be about the two methods she used to increase her lead and customer conversion by 350% in a very short time span. She will share her success in plain english, with pictures of ladies in panties (it’s part of her business after all) and with tips for you to take home. I guess you can say she will make math sexy again.


This is a simple strategy. Make it your own. It’s about how you tie everything together

#1 My $9.95 Promo Sales Funnel

  • Create An attraction offer to grab the visitor immediately.
  • Low price to try us out.
  • We either get a sale or an email address
  • Ongoing revenue, customers have to think to cancel.
  • No money or time spent trying to get the customer back, they never left
  • Clear calls to action
  • Simple choices

#2 Build a great promotion / Big sale

  • Gift everyday
  • Send to subscribers
  • Hired a professional
  • Get a super solid safe funnel

#3 Autoresponders

  • Series of killer newsletter
  • High click rate
  • Optimize overtime
  • Add new content
  • Add new content
  • Track your numbers

E Myth Separation from product and business

How We Got 40 Industry Experts To Write and Promote Our eBook, with Sid Bharath

Sid Bharath Lemonade Stand Marketing Manager

Sid will discover a breakdown of the strategies and tactics he used to create an ebook using content from top influencers in the Internet marketing community. Not only did they help write his book, they also helped him promote the book, resulting in a 20% increase in his email list size, and over 30% increase in traffic within the first week.

Use Content Crowdsourcing

  • Get 40 Influencers to write and promote your book

Step 0 Research

  • Content → traffic → subscribe  →  Trails  →  customers
  • Create content that is relevant to your audience and products
  • Always start with research

Step 1 Test

  • Then a simple test
  • Test your Theory Demand
  • Team Startup Minimum viable product or Minimum viable content

Step 2 Contact influencers

  • Straight to the point
  • Ask for a simple yes or no answer
  • Who you are, what you do, what you want
  • Welcome to the club do you want to submit content

Market before you launch

  • Marketing starts before product is ready and never ends
  • Tag influencers and get buzz on Social Media
  • Start conversations on Social Media
  • Landing page
  • Guest Blogging posts
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog
  • Get other people to promote your ebook but share leads
  • Piggyback on other people’s success / subscribers

Step 4 Launch

  • Link to Landing pages from forums and online communities
  • Email info
  • Incentivize sharing
  • Don’t stop marketing  
  • Create a snowball effect
  • Keep guest post going

The Result

  • Traffic increased by 30%
  • 20% More subscribers

You’re Doing Retargeting All Wrong – Now Do it Right, with Jordan Gutierrez

Jordan Gutierrez Wishpond COO Jordan Gutierrez

Jordan will explore the power of retargeting ads to increase your conversion rate and ultimately increase our sales. The COO of Vancouver-based Wishpond will provide the audience with practical tips on the how to maximize retargeting when used alongside marketing automation, drip campaigns and YouTube ads. Wishpond saw a 60% increase in their conversion rate simply by using this strategy.


  • Use Retargeting with Marketing Automation
  • Youtube retargeting is great
  • Make retargeting educational
  • Test, Test, Test!
  • Monetize the right traffic on your blog with Retargeting

Retargeting AB Testing

  • AB Test 2 populations
  • 1 without retargeting one with
  • Add the retargeting pixel to a pop-up
  • Retargeting blog visitors

Use YouTube Ads

  • Educational Videos
  • Take them to a Landing Page
  • Email campaign
  • Retargeting based off urls
  • Show different content everytime
  • 50 different educational videos

The Journey From Dead End Job To Managing A Multi-Million Dollar Online Company In Less Than 6 Months, with Deon D’Silva

Deon D’Silva Deon D Silva 

Deon wanted to take a quantum leap in his life… He was working a dead end job and had a dream to become a digital marketer. So, he took a job at The Foundation, a startup company that was about to make a huge impact on the Startup Community. Their initial launch generated over $2.5 million dollars. Deon is going to share how he positioned himself as the COO of a rising startup and how he launched his entrepreneurial and online marketing consulting career. This is a case study about the journey to achieve your lifestyle career.


A life worth living =

Vision + WorkSmart + Integrity + Other Focus + Consuming to Create

Draw out your future

What if everything I know about success is wrong?

Failure is part of the process and growth

Important trait of a startup entrepreneur

Speed of implementation

Do what successful people do

Analyze what you do

Application for education based product

Block people that don’t Qualify but tell them what they need to do to qualify

Get online job.

Get paid to learn

Solve problems of people who have lots of money

Make something out of what you learned

Always get traction on what you have learned

Become an expert

Presenting Tips & Tricks

Advice from the panel judges

  • Work on your Branding. Reflect that in the visual style of your slides
  • Don’t name people your audience wouldn’t know.
  • Establishing shot – slow end result
  • Don’t be too technical, tap into their emotions and build a connection instead
  • Share exact numbers in presentation
  • Sum up presentation at the end
  • Use Infographics. Show a graphical explanation of a complicated idea
  • Use big fonts not small ones
  • Show the before and after comparison
  • Use data to prove a point not as your case
  • Have an inspiring story with a beginning middle and end
  • Foreshadowing about the future result
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