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How To Make 6-Figure Monthly Income Online & Live A .Com Lifestyle John Chow

How To Make 6-Figure Monthly Income Online & Live A .Com Lifestyle John Chow

John Chow shares with you his secrets for creating an automated online business that makes over $100,000 a month. He’ll also show you how to gain time, money and location freedom, also known as The Dot Com Lifestyle.

Networking Tip #24
Design a greeting for people you know but forgot their name.
You look familiar, but your name escapes me. My name is ________

How can I increase my Financial literacy?

  • Play cashflow
  • Quick Books
  • Know your Fixed and variable costs
  • Principles of

Make 6-Figure Monthly Income Online & Live A .Com Lifestyle 

  • See things in life as an opportunity not as a problem.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail that’s how you learn
  • Leverage a system to make you money

Dotcom lifestyle

  • Freedom of time, money, and location
  • Work from anywhere
  • Getting away from the rat race so you can spend time on what is important
  • We all got to start from somewhere. Don’t look at what someone else has built and think you can’t do that. It always starts out simple.


2 hours a day blogging

  • Build reader base
  • Email List
  • Facebook and twitter followers
  • Use videos to drive traffic to blog

Monetize your blog

Google Ads

  • Easiest 
  • Just focus on making content
  • Ad rates have decreased over the years
  • No control over advertisers
  • Targeting is not perfect. Sometimes it can put up ads that are inappropriate for your website or blog topic
  • Google makes half the money
  • People use your traffic to make them money.
  • Don’t advertise with ads in beginning.
  • When they click the ad they leave your site
  • Ads could scare readers away

Affiliate Marketing

  • You just have to refer the customer
  • Amazon
    • Buy an item and turn it into a review video
    • Show how it works
    • Rank it on youtube
    • Create a shorted link to where they can buy

Top Affiliate networks


Hit & Run Affiliate Marketing

  • Typical Affiliate Marketer is always looking / hunting for new opportunities because they eventually dry up.
  • You can go from making $52,000/month → $0 overnight if you don’t own the customer

You want to own the customer

  • Never send traffic to advertisers list
  • Build your own list
  • Start building your list from day 1
  • Have an opt-in box to get emails in exchange for updates and free bonuses
  • Always capture the lead through Email, FB, Twitter, etc
  • Form relationship → Automate through an auto responder sequence 
  • Establish yourself as an internet authority
  • Give them more FREE stuff – eBook, Videos, Blog posts, ect

What should I promote?

  • Survey them
  • Recommend products / services that solve their problems
  • Think passive income
  • A Webber Affiliate program get 30%
  • Lead Affiliate 30%
  • MOBE Commissions. License the product so you own the customer
  • Create your own products monthly memberships
  • Think Big Ticket sales
  • If you want to make 100,000 would it be easier with a $10 eBook or a $10,000 Mastermind?
  • $10,000 Mastermind would be harder to make a single sale but way easier to make $100,000 since you only have to make 10 sales.
  • Think about the lifetime value of your customer
  • Always work on your brand

The Problem with Affiliate Marketing

  • The customer doesn’t belong to you
  • You only get paid once
  • Advertiser may pull the offer or lower payout
  • Google may slap your landing page
  • Competition will drive up ad cost
  • Have to constantly hunt for new offers

Capture The Lead

  • Get the Email first and foremost
  • RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc are secondary
  • Get Leads with Free incentives
  • Start the list  from day one
  • Fully automated membership sites
  • Powered by WordPress, WP WishList, Vimeo Po, YouTube and ClickBank
  • You own the customers
  • You make the backend money – the REAL money
  • You can market to the customer over and and over

Licensing a System

  • Combines the advantages of the affiliate model and your own product model while getting rid of most of the disadvantage
  • The customer belongs to you
  • Products done for you
  • Big Ticket = Big Money
  • Your own phone team

Licensing Vs. Affiliate model

  • Affiliate program pays 50% commission on front-end, zero on the backend
  • License program pays 90% commission on the front-end, up to 50% on the backend
  • I sold 450 copies at $10 each
  • As an Affiliate, I would make $2,250
  • As a Licensee, I made $4,050
  • Plus another $12,000 in the backend

Summing It All Up

  • Think Life-Time Value of Customer
  • Start Your List TODAY
  • Always be Working on Your Brand
  • Think Passive/Continuity Income
  • Big Ticket = Big Profit
  • Don’t take things so seriously. Have fun!

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