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How To Grow Your Business, Profit & Income By Leveraging The Power of Podcasting

Dan Lok’s Wisdom 

Deal making is the most valuable skill in business.

You don’t need money, you need a better strategy. If you cannot make money without money, you probably can’t make money with money.

  • Think about who would benefit and how you can use leverage.
  • Great entrepreneurs know how to leverage and look for triple wins.
  • What drives the other person?
  • What is their goal? What holds them back?
  • What assets do they have that I can leverage?
  • When you can put these deals together, you can grow your business really fast.
  • What customer can give you – 100 more customers.
  • What are you bringing to the table?
  • What do you want out of the deal?


How a Flower shop owner Doubled his business with leverage. He wanted to buy another flower shop for $50,000 but didn’t have the money.

He contacted his supplier and said We’ve been doing business for a long time. I give you about $125,000/yr in sales. Would you be interested in increasing that to ¼ million in business for at least 5 years in exchange for 25,000.

Then he went to the seller and asked him if he would be interested in an extra $10,000 if he would take 25,000 upfront and an installed payment plan for the rest.

How To Grow Your Business, Profit & Income By Leveraging The Power of Podcasting

James Martell -Podcasting

Linked In

James has one of the longest running podcasts titled “Affiliate Buzz” which has easily generated nearly $2,000,000 in direct and indirect revenue with hundreds of thousands of downloads with just a couple hours a month investment of his time.

How can podcasts that gives you an unfair advantage?

If you had 20-100 audios designed for your ideal clients scattered around where they are hanging out online how much business do you think that will bring you.

When you are being interviewed people will psychologically see you as a trusted expert

Shortens the sales cycle

People will know you and understand your business

They are a short time investment

Create evergreen content that will work for you year after year

How do you make money with podcast?

Have a call to action at the end. Tell them how to contact you; join social media. Ask people to subscribe to podcasts

Answer common questions people have about your product or service. Great way to educate clients

Offers SEO benefits – Keeps people on you page longer

Serve the needs with someone with a problem and invite them to do business with you

10 Steps to podcast development

Step #1: What are your Goals and Objectives

  • Position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your marketplace
  • Develop a loyal responsive audience ready to buy (because they trust and need you)
  • Expand your online footprint and reach UNTAPPED markets and opportunities
  • Systematize consistent communication with clients/customers
  • Build brand loyalty to keep existing clients coming back

Step #2: Identify your Ideal Client

  • Who is you ideal customer?
  • What problems are they attempting to solve?
  • What are their desires and aspirations?
  • How is your ideal customer feeling about their current situation?
  • How would you like your ideal customer to feel when they’re listening to your podcast?
  • What is your goal for your ideal customer?

Step #3a: Branding your show name

  • Clearly reflects the topic you are covering
  • Unique
  • Recognizable
  • Easily understood
  • Length

To illustrate, a podcast about parenting might be called; Family Confidential, Parenting Unplugged or Over Thinking Mom

Step #3b: Branding your show Intro

  • Show subject matter
  • Host introduction
  • Benefits of listening
  • Frequency
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Male or female

To illustrate, my intro about affiliate marketing is, “WebmasterRadio.FM proudly presents the longest running program on affiliate marketing. Welcome to Affiliate Buzz. Our hosts James and Arlene Martell are here to inspire, inform and motivate you with expert insight, interviews and information that will increase your bottom line. Advance your affiliate marketing efforts every week on Affiliate Buzz. Now here’s James and Arlene…”

Step #3c: Cover Design & Graphics

  • Show name
  • Host photo
  • Tagline
  • Image
  • Color
  • Various sizes

Step #4: Set Format

Length Frequency Number Participants
15 -30 minutes
(Good start for a beginner)

60 minutes

10 episodes
30 episodes
Solo Host
Guest Host

Step #5: Topic Development

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Questions
  • Offer
  • Reason to act now
  • Call to action

Step #6: Episode Outline

  • Play intro
  • Welcome audience
  • Overview of episode topic (problem/solutions)
  • Checklist – Episode Outline
  • Guest bio/welcome guest
  • Problem
  • Paint a picture of solution
  • Questions
  • Play commercials (x3)
  • Reference other episodes
  • Present offer
  • Offer a reason to act now
  • Call to action / contact information
  • Goodbye
  • Play outro (free report/invite)

Step #7: Show Notes

  • Format
  • Consistency
  • SEO

Step #8: My Strategy Focuses on the 5 Things

  1. Podcast – Goals & Objectives/Episode Topics/Format/Brand/Show Notes
  2. Traffic – Website/Social Media/Podcast Directories/Newsletter/Social Sharing/Offline
  3. Sales Funnel – Optin Offer/Product #1/Email Followup Series
  4. Statistics – SEO Tracking/Podcast Listeners/Newsletter Subscribers/Leads & Sales Reporting
  5. KTCB (Keep Them coming back) – Newsletter/Podcast/Autoresponder Series

Step #9: Simple Studio

  • Computer
  • Quality Headset – Seinnheiser PC 8 USB
  • Audio Editing Software – Audacity by Sourceforge
  • Skype

Step #10: Audio Broadcast Network

Podcast Directories Social Media

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