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How To Create A Six-Figure Online Training Business, with Iman Aghay

Iman Aghay is the founder of Success Road Academy, one of the largest information marketing training centers in the world with having tens of online courses and hundreds of hours of training videos and audios.

Iman’s students have founded online training centers in almost any niches anything from overcoming anxiety, living a happy life, managing personal finances, being a great public speaker, weight loss and other health programs and many more.  

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Six-Figure Online Training Business

5 Crucial Steps To  Creating a Six-Figure Online Training Business

“Build a business that serves your life purpose. What works for you, your clients and your life”

“Create an online course once, that keeps making you money for years”

1. Understanding the fundamentals of online courses

Your customers aren’t just buying information, they are buying a solution / transformation to help them achieve their goal or solve a problem.

  • Don’t create a course just to create a course or just to make money.
  • Give them the best method to solve their problem or achieve their goal.
  • Change people’s lives –>  Get Referral clients –>  Double profit
  • People are more willing to pay for a transformation than information they can get for free on the web
  • Information is free – If you just sell information your course is less valuable
  • Build an irresistible course that makes people want to buy
  • The most important thing is your online course must change people’s lives
  • Aim for the highest quality transformation
  • You will lose your credibility by not delivering
  • Make a damn good course

Create a Valuable Package

  • Stack the value high
  • Does it include coaching?
  • A 2 Day workshop
  • Facebook group to ask questions
  • Sell a mentorship program that includes an online course


  • one-on-one coaching
  • Buyin –> Core Offer –> Back end

2. Get super focused on a niche market

  • Ask them about their biggest challenges, fears, and frustrations
  • If you where to fix this for them, what would their future be like?
  • Always have sales in mind from day 1
  • By using our service, you will get your needs, wants and desires.
  • Find what you are passionate about

3. Create Your Content

How do you know what people want to learn?

  • Use Expectation Management
  • Do a live talk
  • Ask them what they want to learn more about and what kind of content they prefer to see in a course

What is the best format?

  • There is no best format. Whatever your market prefers is what you should use.

Never sell black box

  • Solves everyone’s problems
  • People won’t buy it
  • People don’t know what it is
  • Be clear
  • Not a marketing course. People will ask is it good for ….?
  • Sell a seminar marketing system, or a Facebook marketing system for a particular group of people.
  • Sell a specific solution to a specific niche market

How to create content

  • Camtasia
  • Screenflow
  • Webinar jam
  • Hangout on air – auto uploads to youtube
  • Powerpoint with recorded audio over each slide

3. Selling It!

Platforms and Technology

  • Thinkific
  • Optimizepress
  • Digital access pass → Good affiliate tracking
  • Vimeo
  • Wishlist member                            
  • uDemy

Accepting payment

  • Stripe – Better
  • Paypal

Quickest way to build a list from scratch.

  • Host a webinar conference
  • Bring in 12 speakers and get them to help promote the event
  • You own the mailing list

Know This Data

  • EPC = Earning per click

How to sell it

  • Sell it through retreats (upsell)
  • Online
  • Get a copywriter
  • Create a funnel
  • Give away free content for an email address


  • Just Information $10 – $97
  • Transformation $197 – $297
  • $2000 group coaching
  • $2000+ mentorship
  • Add 20% to cost with a payment plan
  • Affordability + Quantity = Profitability
  • Subscription – See how long people will stay on your system
  • People usually cancel after 3 months

5. Get Affiliates & Traffic

Get to know influential people.

  • You will need these people to support you.
  • Rapport is everything in business

EPC $15 —> Spend $10 on ads

  • You can spend $10 to get $15

IMAN Made a Course By

  • Hosted a live event and paid a videographer $300 to record it
  • Posted it on Youtube as unlisted
  • Send out 8 links for $297+ gst
  • Sold 3 – 4 per week for 2 years
  • Gave away proposals, email templates, ect for extra value
  • using a shared Dropbox folder

6 Mental Triggers to Activate When Doing a Free Course:

  • 1 Authority: (position yourself as the go to person)
  • 2 Anticipation: (let them know you have a paid program that you will promote to them later)
  • 3 Community: (show that you have the support of other people and many success stories of past students)
  • 4 Conversation: (ask people to leave comments and communicate with you after watching each free training)
  • 5 Scarcity: ( have a deadline for people to sign up)
  • 6 Reciprocity: (give your best authentically)

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