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How I Got 100 New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article

How I Got 100 New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article

Nicola Fairweather – Linked into Leads


Linked Into Leads is Canada’s pre-eminent LinkedIn consulting firm offering tailor made lead generation and employee training solutions for corporations and smb’s.

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What is Content Marketing?

  • A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and drive profitable customer action.
  • The art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.

Fact: Every time you publish, forward or comment on an article, you are content marketing on behalf of your business.

Content Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB’s)

  • The most efficient and effective way for businesses to grow their online presence
  • Builds a relationship between your customers and your business
  • Around 93% of marketers used content marketing in 2014 compared to 60% in 2013.
  • Around 63% of companies said posting content on social media has increased marketing effectiveness.
  • Around 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.
  • Around 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site.

Distribution: A Problem?

The Traditional Route
Publishing companies, trading journals and blogs notice a 12% decrease year after year. Many of these blogs are overly promotional, requiring a huge amount.

Emails with a clear and powerful call to action have high conversion rates, but you still need to make that rate grow.

People search terms on Google but unless you pay big bucks, chances are your competitor will be ahead of you in search terms.

Guest Posts
This involves writing for someone else. The best guest post had over 3000 views and resulted in zero MQL’s and few views to website.

You can go viral. You can also have a top ten hit.

Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and Twitter are not re-sharing – because it is B2C

Content Marketing through LinkedIn

Facts and Figures about LinkedIn

  • Has 360 million users
  • Has 9.8 million members in Canada
  • Has 107 million members in US
  • Approximately 2 new members join every second
  • It is the 3rd fastest growing social network – next to Instagram and Reddit.
  • All fortune 500 companies use it.

What Makes LinkedIn so Special?

  • LinkedIn #1 Social Referral Source – LinkedIn accounts for 64% of traffic driven to your website compared to Facebook, which only accounts for 17% and Twitter, which accounts for 14%.
  • Helps users reach an easily identifiable and searchable target audience.
  • Quick identification of marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) – This is possible by seeing who viewed your profile and article on the company page and who shared it.
  • Offers high rewards – Regular content to groups means guaranteed distribution with a population that matters and it is free.

How to Succeed?

Have a plan

  • Creating a plan is crucial in achieving success.
  • B2B marketers who have a documented content strategy:
    • Yes – 44%
    • No – 49%
    • Unsure – 6%
  • 84% of marketers and companies who say that content marketing is ineffective do not actually have a strategy.
  • Contents that the target audience values:
    • Industry insights – 62%
    • Company news – 53%
    • New products and services – 43%
    • Adorable contents like pictures of cats – 7%
  • Informative and useful updates receive the highest engagement rates because that is the information members expect from companies they follow on Linkedin.
  • The best performing contents have 2000-3000 words. The worst contents have less than 1000 words.
  • The most shared posts have the word success in them.
  • Combine trends and strategy.
  • Add a disclaimer at the end of your blogs that would lead the audience back to your page.
  • Do not put your MQL efforts in just one basket. Spread it by having a blog and using other sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

More Tips in Content Marketing on LinkedIn

The Importance of Reverse Engineering

  • Don’t sell.
  • Identify your target audience and write or share a post on a topic that they will surely find interesting. Highlight your expertise that is relevant to the post.
  • Write a compelling title. Cite case studies that clearly illustrate your point.
  • End the post with a powerful call to action that encourages others to share comments and experiences.
  • The best way to start a post is with an open-ended question. This will encourage people to respond.
  • Look for an opportunity to share your wisdom. For instance, offer an insightful comment to the post of another LinkedIn member. This works in finding and connecting to people who are searching for your expertise and the product and service that you offer.

When to Post

  • Identify your target market and the specific time when they are up and working.
  • Most viewed articles – weekdays between 9am and noon.
  • A wise tip is to publish early or at the start of the week. This encourages more shares.
  • Identify the time zone of your target audience.
  • If traveling, create a schedule for posting or publishing. Use Hootsuite, Buffer or other similar programs.
  • Use Oktopost. It helps you post to all of your groups.

How Often to Post or Publish?

  • Target should be around 20 posts per month – This is enough to reach up to 60% of your target audience on LinkedIn.
  • Buy content from companies that offer web content writing services. You can get this service at around $1.95 per 100 words.
  • Vary your posts. Your choices include slide shares, how-to articles, white papers, book reviews on industry-relevant subjects, etc. This will let you connect to your audience better.
  • Do not forget to update your status regularly. A simple update can reach up to 20% of your current followers.

Where to Publish?

  • Homepage – This is where you can share a status update.
  • Groups where you can find your target market – Join these groups and post relevant contents.
  • Share articles and start discussions in groups.
  • Direct inbox messaging – This allows you to share with individuals. Since it is direct messaging, you can expect it to get to the people you want. This means you do not need to hope that they will stumble upon your post since they will get it.
  • Company page – This is where you can re-share your posts. Ask your employees to share it as well.

Tracking Progress

  • You can track progress by accessing LinkedIn analytics from the company page and personal profile.
  • You can see the engagement percentage, which indicates the number of people who viewed your updated and are genuinely engaged with it.
  • Use the engagement percentage to identify areas of improvement, growth and changes.
  • Observe the category where you posted your content.
  • Observe the target audience of the post and the specific day and time when you published your content.
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