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Our Explainer Video Creative Process

Our Explainer Video Creation Process

We create custom tailored explainer videos! They help increase conversion rates for online companies by providing entertaining educational marketing. Check out our portfolio.

If you’re going to invest in an explainer video, why not get it done right! If it’s not done properly you can waste a ton of time, money and still fail to get a desirable result. A good video is an investment that can bring value to your company for a very long time. It’s important to get your message right and plan out your video so it hits all your main objectives. This is why it’s so important to spend time in the pre-production phase.  Learn more about my process by reading below

Explainer Video Creative Process

Research & Discovery (1 week)

First, we ask you to fill out our discovery package and submit it to us. At Creative Inventory, we take the time to learn about your business, the value you offer and the audience you serve. During this process, we’ll discover what’s most important, helping us write you a compelling persuasive script. Our goal is to deliver the maximum result for your business by providing not just a video but an overall strategy to go with it.

Script & Concept Development (Week 2)

It’s very important to spend time in this phase as it’s the most important part to get right. This can be harder to change after production begins. Your script should be simple and attention-grabbing. Always focus on the customer by explaining their problem and how you intend to solve it better than anyone else. Develop an engaging story around your business. Society craves entertainment. Nobody likes a boring video. Use the same language your audience would use by avoiding jargon or any terms the viewer may not fully understand. Sentences should be short, punchy and translate visually. Metaphors can be a useful tool to help new information stick by relating the concept to something they already understand. Always end with a strong call to action that encourages the viewer to take the desired action.

If you have multiple audiences or plan to do A/B  testing we can create multiple versions of your video like the examples below. Please let us know if you want something like this near the beginning of the process.

After the script is approved, we’ll start with a simple storyboard to nail down the flow of the animation.

Graphics: (Week 3)

We can design custom graphics to match your brand and visual style or use stock graphics for tighter budgets.

Voice Over:

We will work with multiple voice talents to find the right personality for your video.

Animation: (Week 4)

Now for the fun part! Bringing all the graphics to life in a way that communicates your message effectively. This is usually the stage where our clients say “wow”! We offer a fun and unique product, but we take our job very seriously.

Sound, Music and Final Touches: (Week 5)

We work with an experienced sound professional to make sure your video packs a punch. Sound brings an animation to life and adds an extra layer of polish to your video increasing engagement and watch time. 

If you have any questions

Please feel free to give me a call (604) 910-0154 

Or email me at

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