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Eben Pagan’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Eben Pagan is an American Entrepreneur and speaker. He is one of the world’s most well known and respected internet marketers. He teaches entrepreneurs how to turn what they already know into information products that sell for high prices online. Here’s Eben Pagan’s Top 10 Rules For Success.

Thanks to Evan Carmichael for allowing me share his content on my blog. You can check out his Awesome Youtube Channel for More Top 10 Rules For Success.

Eben Pagan's Top 10 Rules For SuccessConnect with Eben Pagan


Eben Pagan’s Top 10 Rules For Success

  1. Rich is a state of mind

    • If you are rich on the inside than you can go and create money.
    • If you don’t have a rich state of mind you won’t be able to attract and create money and if you do you’ll find a way to get rid of it.
    • There’s a big difference between money and wealth.
    • Wealth comes from having knowledge, systems, assets, understanding how to create value for others.
    • Creating systems and assets that give value.
    • Money is an imaginary value we give to worthless pieces of paper
    • Success is about fulfillment
    • Fulfillment is about creating success for yourself then creating success for others.
  2. Put the big rocks in first

    • Do the most important things first otherwise you won’t be able to fit them in.
    • Identify the most valuable activities in your day and then install them ahead of time. Otherwise other people will have things for you to do.
    • Other people and things will take your attention.
    • They are less important but in the moment they will seem more urgent.
    • You have to put the big rocks in first and more importantly, know what they are.
  3. Don’t keep your best ideas secret

    • If you don’t show people what you got and you don’t prove to them that you have a lot of value they won’t pay any attention to you at all.
    • A different mindset. Take your best ideas. The ones that are the most valuable. The silver bullets that work every time, give instant results and eliminate hassle and friction from their lives.
    • If you give those away for FREE
    • Your prospect will think “If this is what they are giving away. How much better must be the product that they are selling”
    • What is the one thing you have figured out over your lifetime or career that can help your prospects out the most?
    • The thing that can give them the most value.
    • Make a commitment to give it away for free to as many people as you possibly can.
    • This is the kinda thing that will create viral marketing for you.
    • People will start talking about it and coming to you saying “That is an incredible idea. Do you have any more?”
    • Giveaway even more of your good ideas.
  4. Learn how to communicate

    • Communication is so important.
    • Language is just a small part of communication.
    • Most persuasion, bonding, connection, happens on channels other than the words that you say. It comes from the non-verbal communication that happens between people.
    • Over 90% of your communication is your voice tone and body language.
    • Most people are unconscious about it and are not paying attention. They are not learning how to connect with people better.
    • Learn about body language, nonverbal communication, how to connect with people and build rapport.
  5. Become powerfully independent

    • Entrepreneurship is like an ultimate training ground to learn the basic skills you need to come back and be great at contribution.
    • Stephen Covey 
    • Dependent >> Independent >> Interdependent
    • Study Developmental Psychology
    • Each level acts as a foundation for the next level
    • Entrepreneurship is the best school for becoming powerfully independent
    • Robert Kiyosaki
      • Rich dad poor dad
      • Cash Flow Quadrant
    • Employee >> Self-employed >> Business owners >> Investors >> philanthropist
    • Entrepreneur, owning and building a business is in the middle. It’s just one step in a much bigger puzzle. Each of these steps become more complex and have a longer time horizon.
    • Employee: Does tasks or uses skills for a pay cheque. An employee just does the work to get a pay cheque in 2 weeks.
    • Self Employed: You are now responsible and  have to go out and get the business as well. When you’re self-employed you learn that companies don’t pay invoices as fast as your used to getting paid as an employee
    • Business Owner: Creates that organism that runs and creates a profit. When you become a business owner you start thinking in time frames of months and years to get a return.
    • Investor: Now you invest in other businesses and start thinking about multiple years and even decades to get a return.
    • Philanthropist: Someone who donates his or her time, money, and/or reputation to charitable causes. Someone who is contributing in the most important widest scale projects. Being Philanthropist is way out on the horizon. Wait till you become successful before you attempt to change the world.
  6. Create positive habits

    • Build a simple routine around your goals.
    • Start ritualizing the most important things in your life.
    • Start doing them every day at the same time.
    • What you will find is if you’ll make rituals or routines out of the high-value things in your life you will start doing them automatically.
    • If you think about it, you already do the same things at the same time every day automatically.
    • When we procrastinate we are usually resisting doing something that we don’t normally do.
    • We are creatures of habit. We like to do the same things around the same time every day.
    • You won’t have to worry about procrastinating if it’s a ritual.
    • Takes 30 days or so to create a new habit. Force yourself to do it in the beginning until you do it automatically.
  7. Learn how to sell your products

    • Learn marketing and sales
    • When you really learn sales
    • The best sales methods are consultative selling. When you sit down and ask questions.
    • Let me learn about you and find out what all your problems are and let me see if what I offer is even a fit.
    • Once you find out where they are at, what their problems are, all the problems they are facing, what they would like to accomplish then you call sell solutions to fix their problems.
    • The best sales people are the ones that walk in, sit down, ask a bunch of questions and then say “My product can’t help you let me refer you to someone who can”
    • Those are the people that win the trust.
    • Learn consultative selling and how to sell like a professional is very important.
  8. Know thyself

    • One of the most famous phrases handed down by the greek philosophers.
    • Why is this so important? Why is this so profound.
    • Why do we do what we do?
    • Why do we think the way we think?
    • Why do we behave in certain patterns?
    • These are the magic questions.
    • Psychology answers these questions on the general level.
    • We have something shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.
    • Why is it so important to know yourself?
    • What does it mean?
    • It’s not your favorite TV show or restaurant.
    • It means understanding your personality.
    • Understanding how you are wired.
    • What you are likely to do in certain situations, under different types of pressure and different types of people.
    • There are many different types of people in the world.
    • To create success, you must work effectively with yourself and others.
    • You must know yourself, how you work, to control yourself and communicate well.
    • Ultimately increase your effectiveness with communicating, persuading others and creating the results you want in life.
    • Understand your weaknesses and Achilles heel
    • All these things are intimately connected to your personality.
    • Understanding your personality is understanding yourself.
  9. Move up the Freeline

    • Entry level stuff to get customers attention
      • Advertisements
      • Free information
      • Pre-recorded messages or free consultations
    • Mid leveled priced products
    • Highest end products
    • What’s happening now with the rise of the internet is more and more stuff is being offered for free.
    • Things are becoming cheaper and cheaper to produce
    • All those things that used to be your real valuable stuff you have your competition giving it away for free.
    • If you can’t beat them you have to join them.
    • What you should do is get in front of them if you can.
    • Giving away information builds relationships with more customers.
    • It allows you to widen your funnel and attract a lot more prospects.
    • How can you move the free line up in your business?
    • Dating advice for men company
      • Very high-value newsletter
      • The more valuable the newsletter the more products we sold
      • Create the most valuable newsletter and give it way
      • Set the bar very high
      • Some are as long as 30 or 40 pages
      • Jam packed with useful, entertaining, step by step, mindsets and everything you could possibly need.
    • You might now want to go overboard like we did but whats an entry level product that won’t cost you much to produce that you can just give away to your customers.
    • If you don’t use information products in your business like
      • Email newsletters
      • Downloadable ebooks
      • Courses
      • Video
    • You really need to do that as soon as you possibly can.
  10. Drive out fear

    • Bringing light to failures is important. Teach your employees to point it out and ask for help. Make them see it as a win to point things out as early as possible.
    • Most people hide what they did wrong and try and fix it. If they messed it up the first time they probably don’t know how to do it right and could make it even worse if they don’t ask for help right away.
    • Don’t have that you’re going to be in trouble mentality or they are going to try and hide it.
    • They might try and use a scapegoat. Like it’s not my fault or someone else did it. That’s a really bad situation.
    • Cultivate an environment or culture where  you raise your hand when something goes wrong. Saying I made a mistake is a win if you let someone know right away. The person to spot the screw up the fastest is the biggest winner. Then you can move forward with it very quickly.
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