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Double Your Sales in 7 Days, by Darren Jacklin

Double Your Sales in 7 Days, by Darren Jacklin


For over 19 years, Darren Jacklin has traveled four continents and over 40 countries mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners on specific and measurable strategies that they can consistently use to increase their income, transform their obstacles into cash flow and turn their passion into profits.

His uncanny ability to increase wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities has captured the attention of Tiger 21, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, NBC TV, CBS TV, Global TV international radio stations, magazines and newspapers, movie producers, best-selling authors, CEO’s and business experts worldwide.

If a person with money meet someone with experience, the person with experience ends up with that money.

What separates the people at the top

  • Systems and strategies
  • Different mindset
  • Provide more value rather than discount
  • Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t

Morning Ritual: Attitude/ gratitude exercise

  • Would you rather do business with someone that has a fear, doubt and scarcity mindset or someone who has a  abundance mindset.
  • Think about what you are most grateful for everyday?

Daily Method of Observation

  • Policy procedure manual
  • Get money part of the way.
    • First 3 hours of your day should be spend on revenue generating activities.

I only have a PHD. Public High school Diploma so when people ask me about my credentials I tell them I have a degree in results. 

Increase your sales

  • You need to create a sense of urgency
  • Return of investment (ROI) – People care about what you can do for them.
  • Your clients and customers need to be reminded why they do business with you.

How do I stand out and be different

  • Richard Branson
    • Fun crazy events
    • Themed Parties
    • People love to be invited to something
    • Create an event/Party
    • Mexican Night, Indian night
    • Getting people to have a great time builds rapport
    • People do business with people they like, trust, and admire.
    • Build a group of advocates. People who will refer you lots of work.
  • Run an event that is dedicated to a  cause greater than your self
    • Is there a cause your business can support
    • Business will be changing over the next couple years
    • Millennials don’t care for advertising or billboards
    • They care more about social impact

How do we learn

  • Virbal programming – audio
  • Modeling – visual
  • Specific events in out lives

The only thing that stops you from getting the life you want is the story you tell yourself

Vision boards

  • Write 200 reasons why you are good enough to reach your dreams
  • Create strong beliefs and remove all bad programming
  • Have a massive must meet list

Contribution game

  • Become a go-giver not a go-getter
  • What is the best way for me to contribute to your life even though we just met.
  • Nobody cares about you until you show you care about them.
  • People want to be loved, liked and understood.
  • Know what it’s like to be them. People will connect with that.
  • What is their pain? Tell something about yourself that they will relate to.
  • Give people gifts for helping you.
  • Focus on  acts of service
  • Big CEOs want to dominate the space. How can you provide massive value to help them with their goals or problems in life.
    • I mowed the lawn and cleaned the pool of a CEO just so I could get into his inner circle.
  • Ask a lot of questions – You can’t prescribe until you diagnose

Questions to ask people

  • What is your ideal client? Refer them to people.
  • What problem or challenges are you having?
  • What do you need?

Execute on a plan

  • What is you determination level?


Agree on this before you have any meeting.

  • TIME:
  • AGENDA: The structure & details
  • OUTCOME:  The ending or result of the meeting
  • Qualify people first over the Internet with Skype or Google Hang-out
  • Your Agenda could be to build rapport

Time management is Activity Management

  • Do not take incoming phone calls – return them at a certain time
  • Schedule your time in 15 min increments
  • What are the activities that generate the most revenue

Develop a Successful Mindset

  • Bad Mindset: Business slows down over the summer. There is nothing we can do about that.
  • Better Mindset: People have extra time over the summer so i’m going to meet with them and build lots of rapport to ramp up my business to the next level.

There are Benefits and drawbacks to everything

  • Fear is anticipation of future pain
  • Fear is associating more drawbacks than benefits.
  • Every time you have a drawback balance it will a benefit.
  • Fear doesn’t live on action.

Luck  → preparation meets opportunity.

Success is a series of well managed failures

  • You’re going to have problems and challenges its a fact of life
  • What’s important is how you deal with them

96% of people don’t follow up, the fortune is in the follow up

You will always get haters and criticizer.

  • No matter what you do some people will think you’re crazy. Don’t let it bother you. Do what you think is right.

Have a business deal, written up terms and conditions

  • I learned this one the hard way
  • Have a direction of pay clause and be specific
  • How do you get paid in the deal




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