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Critical Path – Sticky Notes System – Earl Flormata

Critical Path Sticky Notes System Earl Flormata

Earl Flormata aka “The Evil Marketing Genius” is known as the one of the most sought after digital marketing and sales consultants in the Vancouver Marketing arena. He is famous for ranking business and people on Google and has sold over 50 million dollars worth of products and services both on and offline. Earl Flormata talks about how he started a 6 figure business in 60 days. He walks through the steps of the critical path exercise.

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Critical Path – Using Sticky Notes To Build Business Systems & Solve Problems Forever

What is Critical Path?

Critical Path is a commonly used project modeling technique. It’s the sequence of stages determining what is needed to complete a large project or goal from start to finish. This process determines which activities are “critical” and helps you determine the shortest time possible to complete the project.

The essential technique

  1. A list of all activities required to complete the project
  2. The time that each activity takes to complete
  3. The dependencies between the activities
  4. Logical endpoints such as milestones or deliverable items.

Critical Path acts as a functional manual for your business. Your system should be a minimum of 50 steps. If you have less than that you haven’t thought through it deeply enough. I have a 300 step system for my business. Ask stupid questions to build the system. What is needed for each step of the process? Use sticky notes so you can move things around. Figure out what can be done at the same time. Get all your business problems out on the table. Every time you learn something new add it to your system. Never solve a problem more than once. Find a devil’s advocate to tear apart your system. Pick someone who is super negative to help you find all the holes and strengthen your process. Using Critical Path I created 7 paths to get to 7 figures.

Make life by design

  • Use vision boards
  • Everyone has a plan tell you get punched in the face.
  • Whatever you do make sure you enjoy it.
  • Do 1 thing not 8 – Give yourself 1 year to make it work

Use Smartsheet to work better. Manage and automate your collaborative work.

Critical Path business systems earl flormata

Success Patterns – Blair Dunkley

4 Questions to ask yourself for success

WHO – Who do you have control over? You. Not outside forces.

WHAT – What is the problem?

WHAT – What is the intent? What are you doing about it?

HOW – How am I going to do it? – Use Critical Path to figure that out

WHY questions loads emotions first, data second. These are not good questions to ask yourself because It gets you

To get commitment always set a when and where.

Steps to creating a successful business:

  1. Critical path
  2. Focused execution
  3. JV & Seeds
  4. Networking and helping others
  5. Sales and Onboarding
  6. Systems integration
  7. Servicing Customers
  8. Focused systems building

How I scaled by SEO Business quickly?

  • Called up design agencies
  • Asked them “What do you do with all the clients you’ve finished working with”
  • Nothing..
  • How would you like to make more money every month by selling white label SEO services.
  • SEO services are retainer clients
  • Sell 5 decent design agencies on my services —> 1 Million in revenue
  • Hire Va’s todo all the work once I have the systems in place

Books / Further Reading

  • Tipping Point – Make stuff go viral
  • Millionaire Messenger

how-to-systemize-your-business-so-that-it-runs-without-you_bloghow-millionaires-manage-their-time-and-achieve-maximum-personal-productivityMassive Passive Income

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