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Sell High-Ticket Products & Services

How to Sell High Ticket Products & Services DanLok

Subscribe to Dan’s Podcast to get weekly interviews with Millionaire and Billionaire Entrepreneurs: Dan Lok’s Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club If you love my notes and want to get updates on all Dan Lok’s material sign-up for my newsletter or like my facebook page. Networking Tips from Dan Lok Don’t try and sell people on your business right away. Learn about […]

How To Maximize Your Profits In Minimum Time – Dan Lok

How To Maximize  Your Profits In  Minimum Time – Dan Lok How much money has your financial and business mistakes cost you throughout your career? How much money have you left on the table because you didn’t know how to fix the problem or grow your business? The number one most critical business and investing […]

Optimizing Your eCommerce Marketing Campaigns With Landing pages

Unbounce – The DIY Landing Page Platform for Marketers Most eCommerce companies are still making the mistake of sending campaign traffic to their blog, pricing or product pages. You may know what a landing page is, but learn how you can use them to improve the success of your marketing initiatives to drive more sales […]

Internet Security – Hackers Can EASILY Gain Access To Your System ̵...

Protect Your Business From Hackers

With all the hacks happening this year we feel this is an important topic for all internet marketing consultants to understand…   In this presentation you’ll get a brief overview of the various internet-based threats that individuals and businesses face everyday. Learn why you are a target, why security is important, how to identify potential […]

Jairek Robbins -The Fundamentals to RAISING YOUR STANDARDS! SociaLIGHT Notes

SociaLIGHT Notes – Jairek Robbins SociaLIGHT Conference The Ultimate Leadership and Entrepreneurship Event Triple Bottom Line Leadership “People, Planet, Profit.” Design Business as a force for good #SLT15 #SociaLIGHTMovement #VSW15 Notes & Resources Dan Lok: 7 Steps to a 7 Figure Business SociaLIGHT Resources If you want to get updates on future notes & resources sign-up […]

YouTube Marketing Strategies

Video YouTube Marketing Strategies Optimization

YouTube Marketing Strategies Why YouTube? 2nd largest search engine with 3 billion monthly searches Integrated into google search for maximum exposure Online video is one of the most consumed forms of media on the web. Youtube makes it incredibly easy to upload and embed content onto your website or blog Your Goal Your goal should […]

Ignite Your Marketing with Aurora Winter

Ignite Your Marketing with Aurora Winter Aurora Winter YouTube LinkedIn Marketing is communication. Good communication is essential for success in business and in life. Most people unwittingly sabotage their success because they haven’t learned the principles of successful communication. You will learn “Marketing Fastrack” secrets. Through my journey I’ve learned what works and […]

Building and Scaling A Social Enterprise To Change The World, with Mike Tan

Building and Scaling A Social Enterprise To Change The World

Building and Scaling A Social Enterprise To Change The World Mike Tan Website Twitter Facebook Page Linked-in   Mike will be sharing his story and experience of building, funding, and scaling Change Heroes from a 3 person passion project to now a 20 person team and venture funded social enterprise that has helped hundreds of […]

How to Make the Leap into the Multi-Millions as a Transformational Leader

How to Make the Leap into the Multi-Millions as a Transformational Leader Justin-Livingston – Transformational-Leadership Website Linked In Business Partner: Calin Rush INTRODUCTION He made 6 figures in the first 6 months of opening the doors of his company, and is now doing 5 million a year in their 6th year of business, and is doubling […]

How I’m Going To Build A $1.5 million Business from Scratch – Dan Lok

How I’m Going To Build A $1.5 Million Business From Scratch – By Dan Lok Dan Lok Website Youtube Meetup Group INTRODUCTION I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I have been lucky enough to start, run and turnaround a dozen companies. Now in my spare time, I coach a select group of entrepreneurs,­ helping them […]