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$70k/month With Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & Kindle ebooks

$70k/month With Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & Kindle ebooks

Stefan Pylarinos


I’m an entrepreneur, internet marketer, life coach, professional speaker, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler. I feel extremely blessed for the life that I live.

Dan Lok’s Wisdom

Lead Generation

  • Is a 2 step process
  • Do lead generation all the time. Never stop. Consistently set out a certain amount of time to do this. Especially when you are super busy
  • Try out different ways of generating leads

3% Of people are looking for you right now

7% Are open to it

30% Not even thinking about it

30% Don’t think they are interested

30% No way in hell they will buy from you

Lead Magnet

  • Give away value for free
  • Put them in your marketing funnel
  • This will help you achieve TOMA – Top of mind awareness
  • Education based marketing
  • Every mother fucker is out there to sell. You have to be different
  • Builds trust ahead of time

If you are a Realtor do a talk about:

  • How to never pay property tax again.
  • How to raise the value of your home

Act as you don’t need the sale / money – Needy is creepy

How I Generate $70k/month With Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & Kindle eBooks

“Even if you fail now, the skills you learn will lay down the foundation for your future successes.” – Stefan Pylarinos

“Focus on becoming financially free to cover your expenses so you have the freedom to get rich.” – Stefan Pylarinos


Blogging is your foundation, lead magnet and a way to build followers. Every business can benefit from a blog.

Keys to building a successful Blog

  • Focus on long term and build your brand and following
  • Put their needs before your own. If you help enough people get what they want they will want to help you in return.
  • Blogging is a long term process. Eventually people start paying attention.
  • You can’t monetize it right away. Being too ad aggressive will scare people away.
  • Think about what you X-factor is. What makes you better than everyone else

High quality content – Have an impact on peoples lives

  • This is what will build followers
  • Builds relationship / good will
  • When you create an impact on their lives they will become addicted to you
  • The more value you put out the more will come back
  • Infuse personality into content. This can become your Xfactor
  • Stories are relatable
  • Share what you have learned. It will help you learn more.
  • You can use it to publicly declare your goals to keep you accountable.
  • Update people on your progress
  • When your content is good you will naturally get likes, shares, followers
  • That is what Google wants. You will rank higher
  • Best SEO is having good content. You will naturally get back links
  • There is a lot of skepticism online. Show them that you are here to help people not a scam trying to rip people off.
  • When you give value away for free people think. What ever this guy is selling must be better.

Combine: Articles + Podcasts + video

  • People like to learn in different ways
  • Articles are good for search engines and SEO

Build an email list

  • Give away value to get people to subscribe. Not just updates. Real value right away. Like a free book, program, video, ect
  • Continue to give them free value
  • The main objective of your blog should be to get people signed up
  • Have a sign-up form on the top bottom side and as a pop up with a call to action

Marketing your blog

    • Share on social media
    • SEO – Google looks for social engagement and how much time they spend on your site
    • YouTube / podcasts / Ebooks
    • Have titles and headlines that grab people’s attention and brings them in
    • YouTube is powerful. You can build a much deeper connection with your viewers

My Morning Ritual – How To Be Unstoppable Everyday Of Your Life

Kindle Publishing

  • 90% of people don’t read past the first chapter.
  • Books can make you an expert or internet authority
  • an extra 1000 a month in passive income can really change your life style


  • Find hot profitable nices with low competition
  • Do your research before hand
  • Search in kindle store
  • Aim for top 3 or 5
  • Compete with books that have a best seller ranking (<100,000)
  • Small amount of reviews 10 reviews or less
  • You want to have a little competition but not too much

Writing your book

  • Use a pen Name for each niche – Not your real name
  • People look at the top 5 books you need to rank at the top
  • They look for whoever has the best title, cover and reviews
  • 20-30 pages
  • shorter books sell better. People are intimidated by large books.
  • Quality information is key
  • sell non fiction books
  • Pull the core concepts out of large books that will help them solve their problem quickly.
  • People just want step by step information to help them solve their problems
  • Use a pen Name for each niche – Not your real name
  • Competition for keywords (100-300)

Hiring Ghostwriters

  • Use,
  • Test them out with a small amount of work or take time and look at their samples.
  • Take you time to find good writers

Hiring a VA

  • Have a VA that does everything

Craigslist Philippines

  • Post to classifieds
  • Check out resumes
  • Manila, Davao City, Cebu

Covers Design

  • Get 2 covers done for $5 = 2.50 per cover
  • in search bar type in: Kindle cover, ecover, ecovers, ebook cover, or ebook covers
  • Use high rating filter
  • don’t put pen name on cover incase you want to change it
  • Give them an example of one you like
  • Give them an image you want to use
  • Buy royalty free stock photos


  • Have a benefit driven title
  • Keywords earlier in the title the better

Marketing your book

  • Put your book on a free promotion after it gets 5 reviews
  • Set up you books on a free promo
  • Track your books keyword ranking
  • See how your ranking has improved over your free promotion
  • Check your amazon bestseller ranking
  • Schedule your free promo in KDP
  • Promote your book on Facebook and twitter

Using Short links

  • Track people that click on that link and where that link came from
  • have keywords in URL
  • Track your marketing efforts
  • Take url with keywords in it
  • Put links inside other your books as well

Affiliate Marketing

  • Send traffic to someone else if they buy the product they get a commission
  • Only share good products
  • How can I add more value to my customers
  • Don’t recommend products that suck
  • Create content to review things

Video Blog

  • share things that have benefited you

Information Products

  • focus on building a list or following first
  • Survey your audience and see that they want
  • What are their challenges
  • Test with affiliate marketing
  • we live in the hardest time to get a customer to buy from you but the easiest time for them to continuously buy from you
  • Be willing to take a loss on the front end to get the customers in the door
  • Front End Offer, Core offer, Up sell

    “Entrepreneurs help people solve their problems at a profit”

Amazon Products

  • Find hot profitable niches
  • Get samples
  • Lots of Sales + Reviews = high rankings
  • Longer to make money the ebooks but you can make way more
  • This is a potential million dollar business




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