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7 Strategies To Double Your Income This Year

Andrew Barber Starkey – 7 Strategies To Double Your Income This Year

Double Your Income

I am recognized as one of Canada’s foremost and most expert business coaches. I have specialized in coaching self-employed business owners full-time since 1993 and have coached 5000+ business owners. I received the rare designation Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation in 1999.

In order to be successful in business you have to be above normal. Do what most people don’t TAKE ACTION and follow through.

Structure and focus allow you to perform at a higher level.

#1 80/20 rule

  • Ever feel like you never get it all done? No matter how hard you try you never will. Its not about doing more its about doing the right things to get a better payoff.
  • 20% of your efforts = 80% of the results
  • What gives you the best results?
  • Identify the 20% and do those first.
  • Its not time management its self management.
  • Focus on activity that makes you $
  • The busier you are the more you need to prioritize
  • Its about being effective
  • How you measure effectiveness is your results

#2 Focus on the next step

  • Have a sense of direction UP
  • One step at a time and put everything you have into it
  • Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re not there yet focus on becoming the person who can do it

#3 It takes energy to become successful

  • Uncompleted tasks and messy work environment can suck the life out of you.
  • Make lists for cleanups, completions and things to delete / forget about.
  • Spend 15 min a day organizing and removing clutter


  • Income tax, books, projects
  • Get them done and out of the way
  • You will feel better

“ You can put things off thinking you will have more time later but you never will ”


  • What can you let go of?
  • What is least important?

#4 Step outside your comfort zone

  • Everything you have today is within your comfort zone. Everything you want is outside it.
  • Expand your comfort zone. Its going to be uncomfortable. Deal with it, do it often and it will eventually become comfortable.
  • This will bring you way more results faster
  • You have to shift gears to go faster
  • Be aware of your comfort zone and constantly step outside it.

#5 Leverage

  • Leverage is getting more output with same or less effort
  • Example: An author using Oprah’s book club to become a top seller
  • Who can recommend you to get that kind of leverage?
Identify the resources you have Identify the resources of your network

  • 80/20 rule
  • Delegating


  • Mortgage
  • Stocks
  • Investing

Contacts / Relationships

  • referrals
  • Credible letter from someone recognized in the industry
  • develop centers of influence
  • Do your contacts know what you do and trust you?
  • Mastermind groups
  • Leverage the power of relationships

Information / Expertise

  • Share your knowledge and others will share theirs
  • How can you get your knowledge out there
  • Write a book

Products and services

  • Sell other peoples product and services and get them to do the same for you.

Assets and locations

  • Sublet and get someone to help pay your mortgage and rent
  • Other peoples time
  • Other peoples money
  • Other peoples contacts
  • Other peoples Information / Expertise
  • Other peoples Products and services
  • Other peoples Assets and locations


#6 Do what is hard. The easy way is no road to success.

  • Doing what is hard is what will move you forward.
  • Form a habit of doing what is hard.
  • Do the hardest thing at the beginning of the day to get it over with.
  • What are you avoiding because you think it is hard?
  • Don’t get yourself into massive debt. Debt is like jail.
  • Spending money you don’t have takes away freedom.
  • With important relationships you have to the hard thing. Being honest.
  • Honesty = extraordinary relationships

#7 Improve Confidence

  • Don’t be over critical of yourself focus on progress.
  • Excessive self criticism destroys motivation and confidence

How to boost self confidence

  • Make a list of your 6 successes
  • Ask yourself what are the 3 best things that happened today?
  • Focus on what you did great instead of all the things you did wrong.
  • Get rid of the things that remind you of your failures.
  • Celebrate your progress. Each step.
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