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10 Tactful Ways to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile As A Marketing Tool

10 Tactful Ways to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile As A Marketing Tool – Matt Astifan

Matt Astifan

Matt Astifan is the Founder of Web Friendly and is also a Facebook Marketing Expert, Social Media Speaker, and Director of Internet Masterminds. He runs regular workshops on building brand exposure using popular tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. He developed the first Facebook Marketing program at Langara College and has been a guest lecturer at other schools including Capilano University, Simon Fraser University, Douglas College, and University of British Columbia. Matt is also a member of the Advisory Council at OMNI Television where he helps the station on its ethnocultural programming strategies and helps to identify sponsorship and advertising opportunities for the network.


1. Complete Your Profile

  • Make it easy for people to find you online
  • Add what you do for work and tag your business FB page to that
  • Tell people what city you live in
  • Add all your email address. You can make these public or private. Facebook uses this to find help you find friends so you become more visible
  • List your phone numbers as friends only
  • List your website? Make sure the links work. People will go to check you out
  • Keep all your info up-to-date
  • Add your twitter handle
  • Mention what you do in your about section, don’t be super salesy. Just remind them about what you do.

Add what you like

  • What movies do you “Like”?
  • What TV Shows do you “Like”?
  • What Music do you “Like”?
  • What Books do you “Like”?
  • What Sports Teams do you “Like”?
  • What People do you “Like”?
  • What Companies do you “Like”?

2: Secure a Username Domain

  • You can send them an email
  • This will send them an email to their primary email address

3: Create a FB lists

  • work / family / ect
  • Don’t: Share anything on FB you wouldn’t want the whole world to know.

4: Have a Follow Button on your personal Facebook page

  • people can follow your posts without being your friend
  • This is turned off by default
  • If you say not now to FB requests they will be added as a follower

5: Customize your News Feed

  • Engage with a lot of people and posts you want to associate with.
  • You can teach FB to show what you want
  • Top Right >> News feed preferences
  • Create an experience on FB you will enjoy
  • You can clear notifications from people you don’t want to see

Personal Facebook Profile As A Marketing Tool


6: Strategy Create A Reality Show

  • Secrets of a social media campaign
  • Be the attractive character
  • Document interesting things in your life
  • Don’t Judge, complain or criticize unless there’s a lesson involved.
  • Tell stories people love stories

Types of reality shows

  • Documentation style
  • Self improvement/ makeover
  • Gameshowd
  • Social experiment
  • Confessions
  • Or you show could be about nothing like seinfeld. Just a bunch of random posts about your life that people would find interesting. This allows people to get to know you better and build up social capital. Everyday or every 48 hours update your status about a story in your life.

7: Tag your Photos

  • Faces, food, and animals get the most engagement on facebook
  • Tag people that are apart of the photo
  • Their friends will see the post too
  • Settings >> timeline and tagging >> How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?
  • Hashtags don’t do much on FB. More useful for Twitter and Instagram


8: Create a Group

  • It’s about creating a community.
  • Sets roles no spam/ promo
  • Groups get huge edge rank
  • You can turn off notifications for groups you don’t want to follow
  • Create a closed group – you have to approve them before they are a member
  • Monitor group the group. Filter out the crap

Best Groups

Internet Masterminds group

Internet Marketing Super Friends

  • Search for questions
  • This is a great resource

Big ticket affiliate marketers

Vancouver Events

9: Use messages

  • Customize message templates
  • Add something personal about them

Hi Matt!

Thank you for the friend request, sadly I hit my 5k max a while back 🙁

I do have two AWESOME resources for you though (and free)!

1.) Free Podcast Course : in 15-days you’ll be Podcasting like a pro!

2.) The Webinar Course: in 10-days you’ll know how to Webinar On Fire!

Thanks for understanding and I hope you keep listening to EntrepreneurOnFire!

Stay on FIRE!


10: Don’t Be scared to Ask for the Sale

  • Remind people about what you offer.
  • Don’t be spamming

Bonus Tips

  • Bufferapp – will find content for you
  • Hootsuite – use this when hiring social media people
  • Never give someone higher access than Manager admin. Otherwise they can delete you.
  • On fan pages post every 48h and do an ad for $1 a day for 3 days
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