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Business Development


Business Strategy Notebook
Your ultimate resource for success!

Business Development Notebook – Your ultimate resource for success!

About Green Marketing

Business Development Notebook is a resource to help entrepreneurs like you succeed! It’s a catalog of what I’ve learned through my own journey of entrepreneurship. I keep most of my posts in note form so my readers can quickly refresh themselves on a past topic. I take notes for top business speakers in internet marketing and personal development like Dan Lok and Matt Astifan.

Green Marketing is an Advertising & Branding Agency located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Our focus is to create beautiful marketing campaigns for environmentally conscious businesses. We combine our collective skills in video production, animation, digital marketing, branding and web development to give you the best results.

Our specialty is in producing 60-90 second animated web commercials. They help to explain, promote and sell your business better online.

We love telling stories. Our video production team specializes in sharing emotionally-driven stories that will resonate with your viewers.

We also work towards creating a greener earth by developing marketing campaigns for the BC Recycling Industry. We love to help educate people on the importance of keeping the earth clean and beautiful.

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